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Nissan says launching the new GTR voids warranty?

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Imagine that you spend $75,000 on a new Nissan GTR with a claimed 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds. You take your sports car to the drag strip to try and validate the claim, but you can tell right away you are not getting full performance from the car. You check with your GTR buddies, and one of them tells you that you must put the car into 'Launch Control' to get maximum performance. So you take it back to the track, turn off the car's VDC (vehicle differential control?) to engage launch control and the car runs much faster. You are starting to feel much better about your life until..............

I was driving my gtr two weeks ago and I heard a loud noise coming from the rear. I turned immediately had my gtr towed to crown nissan st. petersburg fl. They didn't touch my car only called some techs from tennessee to look at the car and record the noise, 4 days later two guys from japan to download some info from the car then left. Then I get a call from the dealer to tell me the news, and they told me that the car was driven without vdc too much and nissan will not warranty the transmission which they said was destroyed, I asked them how much to fix it they told me 20k, no freaking way I will pay 20k on top of what i just paid for the car. I called the gtr number and also talked to nissan consumer affairs got nowhere, now the car is sitting at the dealer. I know we shouldn't launch the car but why own it if you cant use this function, don't sell a car that goes 0-60 in 3.4 sec if the only way you can achieve this speed is to void the warranty , false advertising. Here is the bad news people were fearing it has happened to me and Nissan has told me there are already three people in my shoes, if you are one of these people email me, we have got to get together on this. Just think if any of you guys have taken the vdc off just a few times you have already voided your warranty, good luck what a joke nissan.

Full thread here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CmLT05qZ8Q -check the 6:15 mark, very interesting.

This does not bode well for Nissan.

Dude should have bought a Z06, atleast Chevy will warranty the transmissions if they break.

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cheaply made parts/poor engineering? does this sound familiar...oh yeah it happens to everyone, but i agree that it's crappy to void the warranty...it's just the nanny electronics that are against you this time.

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In a couple of years from now we will discover the truth of what a piece of $h! the GT-R is.

Flame away.

As much i love flaming, i have to agree with you.

All i wanted was a manual gearbox, no flappy paddle electronic slushbox..

People here flamed me months ago when my gearbox broke and i claimed it was "weak"

This gearbox has been the achilles heel of the car from day one, this car will never make serious horsepower like the RB26, Not a chance..

The spirit of the GT-R died with the R34 and the RB26.

i regret buying it..

Sums everything.

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but its a Japanese car. surely they don't ever break down.

GuTteR was made too electronicky for its own good. In an attempt to be a David to slay Goliath (P) they stretched their balls afar.

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Nissan should make it right by these folks. Is the VDC control just a switch? And if so how can do this if in fact there is a switch to flip it off. It is not like it would make the car unsafe to drive. Poor guy should have got a Z06 or now a ZR1.

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It's amazing how fast this story has spread, and onto non-car sites too.

So if you reckon that you don't want to blow it up, is it really more like a 4.9 or 5.1 car?

That's probably a fair guess. Without an aggressive launch, the GT-R probably bogs down a little bit off the line. You can't feather the clutch or spin the tires, so it will be launching off low RPM's.

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