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New pipes

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Finally got a new set of stainless pipes and mufflers last week (along side the two old tailpipes in this pic)


Test fitting:



The correct chrome tips came on Monday. Replaces the "turkey-gun" ones that were on the old busted pipes.



This car was hobbled together before I bought it. Four exhaust hangers three completely different styles. Of course I bought all new hangers that match.


The Avanti uses the "X" frame from the Studebaker Lark convertible to give the fiberglass car more rigidity. The added bonus is the X frame in the middle that the exhaust has to slide in and out of twice on each side. It makes this exhaust a difficult one


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Pretty small dia pipes, no? Are those 2" tails,... or am I just used to looking at the 3" pipes I have for my B-59? The tips dress them up nicely.

I have to fabricate everything under there due to suspension/chassis changes, tho they'll end right before the rear axle this time, so I am jealous at anyone (which would be everyone) else who can buy a ready-made system.

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Cool, how do they sound compared to the old ones?

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