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Some news for the RWD fans here


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I have nothing good to share about GM sadly, however for those of us who love RWD...this bit of news from allpar may brighten your day a bit.

200c/300c Update

Jul 10 2009, 07:42 AM

The 200C has received the green light, code for program will be GTD.

The 300C will have more drastic design changes for MY11 than originally planned.....

Details to follow!

kay just to address a few questions/comments:

Yes, the source is me.

For the RWD/FWD the early plan is to be RWD and be based on shortened LX platform.

Also, their is a temporary stop on the MY11 L Family to change the exterior styling.....Sergio has a policy that if it does not turn your head when driving by then it is not worth making.



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What's the L family? Being a Chrysler platform that doesn't turn my head doesn't narrow it down much.

First I've heard of an 'L' family, maybe the replacement for the current LX family (LX is current Charger, Challenger, Magnum, 300).

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...which is why I have a 70 Charger in my sig. With the Italians running things, there is hope for the American auto industry.

Pretty bad when Italians are better at making American cars than Americans.

And yes, GM will refuse to learn this lesson. Everything other than the Camaro and CTS that has any individuality will be $h! canned. (damn, I'm starting to sound like smk!)

Toyota failed when they tried to run their company like GM, GM will fail when they try to run their company like Toyota.

Trust me on this one...


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This thread just popped up on GM Inside News a few days ago:

Link: Chrysler Ponders A New Sedan Plan

Source: GM Inside News

If it's true, it is certainly an interesting turn of events. The Dodge midsize sedan would be RWD and the Chrysler midsize sedan would be FWD. I wonder if the intention is to turn Chrysler into a mainstream brand and Dodge into a sporty affordable performance brand (in addition to being the truck brand). This would leave room to bring Alfa Romeo back on top as the full scale premium brand. Except among enthusiasts and automotive historians, the Chrysler brand is really not perceived as much of a premium brand anymore. With Alfa's Euro roots, it may be more readily accepted as a premium brand in the current auto market. Euro sourced brands seem to lead the tide of perception in that segment. I suppose this would leave Fiat as a sort of Scion-esque small car specialist and Jeep as a utility vehicle specialist. ?...

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I'm going to go from actual inside sources at allpar. If they were to share separate platforms, the Sebring would go RWD and move upmarket, and the Avenger would stay FWD and go to Fiat's platform.

It would seem to make more sense since Chrysler has already revealed a RWD 200C for the Chrysler brand, but that was before Fiat was part of the picture.

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I heard a loonnnnng time ago the "2011 Chrysler 300" press release photos were fakes. I also heard the car will be going to a more "cab forward" style, like the 1999 Charger concept.

As I believe no rumors I read on the internet, I say it will be interesting to see what DOES turn out to be the 2011 Chrysler 300....

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