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One of the things I want to do is get a security system of some kind for, well, both cars. IMHO alarms are useless wastes of money. I like teh idea of a kill switch, we have one on the old Caravan and that prevented it from being stolen a second time. However, I'm not big on cutting into my electrical systems.

I came across a product called Starter Sentry by Masterlock.

Master Lock Starter Sentry, the Answer

The Master Lock Starter Sentry system consists of a relay (or switch) that communicates wirelessly with proximity activated key fob. The Master Lock Starter Sentry relay replaces the starter motor relay or fuel pump relay that comes standard with the vehicle. Installing the Master Lock Starter Sentry relay is as easy as plugging a lamp into a wall socket — the system can be installed in minutes without any tools and there are no wires to cut or splice.

When armed, the Master Lock Starter Sentry relay completely disables the starter motor (or fuel pump) and the vehicle simply cannot be started. The system arms itself automatically 30 second after the vehicle is turned off, and thanks to its proximity activated key fob, automatically disarms itself as the owner approaches the vehicle — providing true “set and forget” operation.

It’s also designed to be fail-safe. If the long-life battery in the key fob should ever run down, the system will remain disarmed so the car may be driven normally until the battery is replaced.

90-Day Money Back GuaranteeMaster Lock Starter Sentry is compatible with all factory-installed or aftermarket alarms and remote keyless entry systems. There is a Master Lock Starter Sentry relay to fit most makes and models.

Best of all, the system is backed by Master Lock, a trusted name in security, and comes with a 90-day no risk guarantee.


Seems like just what I'm looking for. Has anyone had any experience with it?

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Actually, I would be interested in this system. The only drawback being how to tell the remote battery is actually dead. The only way I can figure is to attempt to start the vehicle without the FOB present. If it starts, then I guess the FOB battery is dead... that or just change the battery every couple of years.

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I live in an area where, well last month our neighbor's car, parked behind the Prizm was broken into. Years ago, the `86 Caravan was broken into3 times and stolen once, and the T&C was broken into while at the shop.

I'd like some piece of mind. May even get a club to supplement it. It's useless to anyone who really wants to steal your car, but would be a visual deterrence. I've also considered getting the VIN etched in the glass.

Kinda sounds paranoid, but you see our family's track record...and you know how I feel about my car.

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I know what you mean. Many look too much like cheap toys than real equipment.

Yeah, I have one in the Prizm which doesn't look bad...it's dark gray withe some silver rather than having bright silver and what seems like chrome all over it.

Thing with the LH cars is that their stereos are arounded at the edges and they match the curvature of the center stack so they fit flush. I couldn't live with a square peg in a round hole.

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