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I Normally Won'T Post Stuff Like This...But This Is Too Funny.

Drew Dowdell

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This is from the @CheersnGears twitter account

@CheersnGears: When GM had all its domestic brands, which was your favorite?

@TheGMSource: When are WE going to work together on new content?

@CheersnGears: What did you have in mind?

@TheGMSource: I believe a serious discussion on a merger would do us both some good.

I'll send a C&G prize pack to the member who comes up with the best response.

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"Given the amount of acrimony between you and many of our long-term members and moderating staff, I think any discussions about our joint OUTLOOK should be shelved indefinitely."


"A serious discussion would definitely do us both good; you would get a clear, final answer ("No"), and we will not be hearing from you anymore since the issue has been definitively settled. Win-win."

Or a combination of the above two. Either way, he'll probably need to consult a dictionary.

ETA: One last one:

"Mercedes-Benz made a mistake in its 'merger of equals' with Chrysler, and so we want to learn from them and avoid repeating past drama."

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Mr. Oliver, I believe your proposal will end with the desolation and degradation of your interests and us not returning your calls for an indefinite period of time. So I must inform you that your particular outlook on any potential merger will have to be shelved due to any potential harm that could be caused to our mission objectives, our common sense, and our wishes to avoid any transmitted viruses. Thank you for your time and, please, refrain from purchasing another Pontiac Solstice as such a car is far too valuable to be owned by an alcoholic who feels Kid Rock is the best musician to grace the ears of God.

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"Your message is so cryptic. I had to look it up first."

merge [mɜːdʒ]


1. to meet and join or cause to meet and join

2. to blend or cause to blend; fuse

[from Latin mergere to plunge]


1. come together so as to form a single product; "Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power"

2. cause (something) to be mixed with (something else); "At this stage of our recipe, blend in the nuts"

"Josh, are you trying to tell me something here?"

Edit - Honestly, those were right from the intraweb of inorfmassion.

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