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Opel, Saturn could share flagship...

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This is interesting-I thought this "flagship" (really something more like the redesigned Ford Galaxy) was to be based on a stretched Epsilon II architecture. Well if that's still in effect, they should send that over and retag it the Relay.

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The story is correct, but the product assumption is wrong.  No Lambda Opel, something else is in the works. :AH-HA_wink:

I am going to need help on this one, Car or crossover, large or small We should be able to figure it out from that.

Also would this have to do with the recent poll on Fastlane and the chatter on your website? :AH-HA_wink:

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If Saturn = Opel now, why don't they just rename the division Opel?

Name recognition. Sure, people remember Opel when it was here all those years ago.. but those people are baby boomers and I'm sure GM is aiming Saturn to appeal to the X & Y generations (the ones who will have the most influence on the by the end of the decade and for several decades to come.

Why rename an already moderately known brand and have to spend millions dollars on advertising so people become aware of it?

Hey, if Hyundai can be taken seriously... think of what Saturn can accomplish with it's new cars.

If this flagship story is accurate... No one would laugh at the idea of a $50,000+ flagship. The way they can avoid a phaeton-like disaster is to slowly introduce more expensive models over a 10-15 year period. Not immediately like VW did.

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Back to this? From Auto express.


Vauxhall's new giant

It's big, it's bold and it's going to break new ground for Vauxhall. In a world exclusive scoop, Auto Express can reveal the firm's secret plans to make inroads into the executive class for the first time.

And the Luton firm isn't planning to take a conventional route to large car success. Despite the early indications of concept models such as the four-door Insignia, company bosses instead plan to build a truly unique all-wheel-drive five-door with a spacious, MPV-like cabin and an angular, distinctive appearance. A top executive for the firm explained: "We won't do another Omega-style car. It's almost impossible to succeed in that market unless you have a prestige badge, and Saab fills that slot nicely for General Motors.

"That doesn't mean we couldn't do something a bit different at the executive end of the market, though. The Signum proves Vauxhall is always thinking of new and interesting alternatives to the traditional saloon and estate, and we're likely to be even more radical in future." This could mean following the trend set by Mercedes with the B-Class and R-Class to carve ever tighter niches in the new car market.

Our insider went on: "We are looking at several different concepts for a new large car, and a selection of alternatives has been - and will continue to be - tested at customer clinics with current and potential buyers." The picture seen in this week's mag has been produced from information gleaned at these clinics, leading to an accurate view of what Vauxhall has in mind. Many cues are familiar from other recent models, but stylists have made an effort to pen an eye-catching design.

Based on the next-generation Vectra platform - codenamed Epsilon two - the new model will be enormous, with dimensions expected to be larger than a full-sized MPV. Rivalling the forthcoming Ford Galaxy, and the still to be revealed replacement for Volkswagen's Sharan, the as yet unnamed model will replace the Signum, and the discontinued Omega, mixing car-like driving dynamics and a huge cabin capacity.

For now at least, the new Vauxhall is only known as the FLV - Future Large Vehicle - and firm technical details are scarce. What has been confirmed is that the car's power will be fed to all four wheels via a system similar to that featured on the new Frontera. Chassis engineers are expected to ensure that the emphasis will still be on tarmac-friendly handling. The extra traction will allow drivers to tackle some 'soft-roading', but the new model will have a comparatively low ride height, meaning its abilities would be best compared to Volvo's XC70 rather than the XC90.

The 4x4 transmission will be mated to a range of Vauxhall's most powerful engines, including a V6 diesel and the 250bhp 2.8-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine from the Vectra VXR. Inside, comfort and luxury will be the main priority. The newcomer's generous dimensions mean there will be room for seven adults, and Vauxhall will use its Flex7 folding chair system to make this one of the most practical cars in the executive class. Standard equipment will set new standards.

From Autobild


For this purpose the second edition of the largest available kit (pseudonym Epsilon) is to be extended by additional degrees of freedom. "Epsilon plus" offers more wheel base, more length, more width and more technique feature. "Epsilon plus plus" offers beyond that a permanent all-wheel drive including suitable transfer case and barrier system.

From this concept want Carl-Peter Forster and his development boss Hans Demant at least three different variants to out-distill: • the evolution of the Signum • a OPEL Crossoverauto with more place, more traction and more variability • a Saab Premium product with Coupé optics and Van Raumangebot.

does not set with its vehicles on an alternative body concept - no sedan, a schraegheck, no combination. Instead the Signum topic is interpreted new, whereby the wheel base increases opposite the predecessor only slightly. After information from Ruesselsheim it will give two versions: four more /Fuenfsitzer and a six/seven-seater with according to extended heckpartie. The Mimik of the folding seats in row three originates from the Zafira [ 10 ], the lengthwise-adjustable second seat row from the current Signum is taken over.

A further important distinguisher is the all-wheel drive. It needs more clearance, which must be compensated by larger wheels due to the differentials somewhat. December duck of attachments in the style of the AUDI allroad quattro [ 11 ] are the 4x4-Variante a sporty and leisureoriented note to beyond that lend.

The all wheel technology becomes in connection with a system supplier not designated yet (Haldex, Magna Steyr, Torsen?) custom-made. Two remarks are planned, whereby the simple solution with open differentials and electronic traction control is not used possibly at all in this model. Instead OPEL sets here on regulated differentials with progressive locking action and on a variable torque distribution.

Epsilon plus?

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Thought so Ghost Dog-thanks! Yeah I read in one of those articles (maybe even this one) that Opel/Vauxhall are not slated to get any Zeta VE models-the true Omega replacement was cancelled, therefore I think the only rear-drive model to come will be the Opel GT/Vauxhall VX240 (?).

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If Saturn = Opel now, why don't they just rename the division Opel?

Saturn has an established brand equity in the Us market, Opel does not. the Re-branding effort would be extremely expensive and probably a waste of money. Re-badging is much simpler.

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Heard something recently that Saturn is going to rebadge an Opel for an interm Ion until they get the Cobalt version into production.

That just doesn't make sense to me. If Saturn is the new Opel in North America, and has the same essential styling, why do a stop gap instead of just keeping the rebadge? The Opel version will be better than the Chevrolet-based car.

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