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My Trip, Review and Photos from Chicago 2010!


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I made my trek to Chicago again today (2/13/10) and armed myself with my trusty Pentax K-100D and 18-55mm along with a 2GB San Disk SD Ultra II. The show was very good, I took a quick tour (no photographs) of the "other side" (Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chrysler etc.) and spent most of my time in the Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC area.


First up the Caprice PPV... (You had to know I was going to go there!) The car looked amazing in person I took over 50 photographs of it! The lines were smooth, interior looked roomy (product rep opened the doors), also the small details on the car were cool. I had the chance to talk to someone about GM's boned headed move NOT selling it to the public, and that went as well as could be expected. It came back to CAFE. :hissyfit: **My personal opinon screw CAFE!** Anyways I was not the only one admiring the Caprice, and trust me many of these people were not police officers. Some people were down right angry, some just slightly 'erked, and some confused. :facepalm: Moral of this story is the car was VERY well recieved and many people were grumbling about the lack of traditional retail sales. At least a few dozen people were making comments about the lack of retail sales. A few G8 owners were drooling over it also... Anyways General Motors now knows my feelings. I would love to talk to anyone else about the this stupid choice from GM as well! :smilewide:

Anyways moving on...

The other Chevrolet stuff, was well recieved lots of people comparing Malibu vs. Camry etc. The Equinox was very well recieved and had a large demographic of people interested in it. Same went for the Camaro, and Corvette. The new Silverado HD had people crawling all over it, and many were interested in the new Duramaxs power ratings! The 75th Edition Suburban was glowing but largely ignored many people were simply looking at the LT on the show floor instead. The Cruze has a nice crowd around it with many suprised looks coming for import owners. Also the Volt was getting lots of praise from Prius owners and people of all ages.


Wow, is all I have to say! The new Regal is a stunner even in the "less sporty" CXL Turbo trim, and the comments were all positive. Alot of people under 50 were looking both the CXL and GS over, and askings lots of questions. I was most impressed by the GS (no suprise) but its estimated price of 35Kish seemed a little high to me. I actually like the Regal better than the LaX and love the new LaX. The Enclave and LaX on floor had people crawling all over them and lines even to get in them! (Just like the Camaro and Corvette!) I think Buick might actually have a fighting chance to come back, and today was proof.


The CTS and SRX were drawing lots of positive praise. Lots of people were very interested in the SRX, and many people loved the pop up nav and automatic lift gate. The new XTS always had a crowd around it, and I made sure to tell someone I loved the style but that to be a true top tier luxury sedan needs a V8 and RWD. :gitfunky: The CTS-V Coupe drew a large crowd but many I fear were not actual Cadillac buyers. (Like me, at least not yet.) Also the CTS Sport Wagon was getting lots of praise for its neat styling and function. Cadillac Escalade's had people crawling all over them (hence no photo) and over-all Cadillac seems well on its way, now for the ATS and RWD V8 powered true flagship.


I did not spend nearly as much time in the GMC area, but lots of positive comments came out about the Granite concept. Many people were looking at the new Terrain and Denali line-up. It was a more upper-crust crowd than Chevrolet no question.

Anyways the photos...

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Looking at both the Zeta-based Caprice and the Epsilon2-based XTS makes me once again come to the conclusion that inside politics of a company can be really sickening sometimes... :puke:

I couldn't agree more... As long as the new PPV is crash tested (or uses the G8's ratings) and is okay on the emissions front, getting one shouldn't be to hard thankfully. As of Friday I doubled checked with my dealer and says he can see no reason why it wouldn't work.

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