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Strut That A$$


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Warning: Some colourful language.


The reporter was doing a story on a local marathon, and the guy in the video is mad that everyone running in the marathon "works at the arsenal and drives a Mercedes Benz," so he's saying that they should have to walk to get around everywhere instead of just getting out to run to show off and strut that ass.

And now a remix:

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That is absolutely brilliant! Is dude drunk?

When I get on the treadmill @ the gym, you know what? Ahmoan be "struttin' that ass"... dammit, I won't be able to get this outa my head.

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Where's the bootylicious babes with pink sweatpants with the word "juicy" written on the ass of 'em when you need 'em?

Hell, I'd be willing to settle for a video of such with those aforementioned ladies ... but only if Struttin' Ass were there, fitted out with a blingin' grille and some blingin' bling. Of course, SA would have to lead these fine women in his trademark dance during the biggest balls-to-the-wall chorus known to man.

Then, of course, Bob Seger and Struttin' Ass would team up for a new version of ... well, need the title of the song be said? If I have to say it, you're a.) too young to be here and b.) don't listen to rock 'n roll, which by that I mean, actual damn rock and roll and not that "bree bree" chuga-chuga garbage.



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