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1In tha beginn'n God created tha heavens n tha earth.

2Now tha earth was [a]formless n empty, darkness was over tha surface of tha deep, n tha Spirit of God was hover'n over tha wata . Hollaz to the East Side.

3And God said, "izzle there be light," n there was light. 4God saw tizzle tha light was good, n He separated tha light from tha darkness. 5God called tha light "day," n tha darkness he called "night." And there was even'n, n there was morn'n—the fizzay day bitch ass nigga.

ahhh laughter. it feels so good :)

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from the C&G homepage,

C-to-tha-izzall yo drug deala coz tha planets seem ta be in good alignment fo` tha 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe like a tru playa'. Saggin' less than a year gangsta +$3.00/gal gasoline caused those in tha kniznow ta cast question'n eyes on tha fullsize SUV market, tha '07 Tahoe is perpetratin' biznutt n doggy stylin' names nforma owna of compet'n makes fizzle across Michigan n across tha Pacific.

In honor of Tahoe's meteoric n - by some - unexpected rise ta tha tizzay we present ta you new n recent discussion on today's ridin' fullsize utilities . I started yo $h! and i'll end yo' $h!.

Original GM Tahoe Press Releaze

GM speeds production of key SUVs

Rancho Lifted Tahoe

Tahoe puts rush on GM's SUVs - Detroit Free Press

Tahoe stiznar of NBC's Apprentice

Tahoe Owna, check in here!

GMC Yukon Review - DetNews

First Look @ Yukon - Edmunds

Mercedes gats fo` Escalade's spiznot 

byFlybrian, Wednesday, 15 Mizzay 2006 20:03 [ Read all ]

Chea & Gears: Fresh Ideas Fo` a Gangsta GM

Edited by turbo200

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"Ho-slappin' vehicles"

"Malibu M-to-the-izzax"

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