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Surf City Garage Killer Chrome

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I happened to find this stuff on clearance for $1.95 a while ago and picked it up for some of the older lawn mower I work on which have chrome handlebars.


It actually works very well on chrome, removing surface rust and stains with easy and really shining the stuff up.

I'm pretty sure the main ingredient in it magic, and I'll show you why.

Today I was detailing the car and had the hood open to top off he washer fluid. While open I got the idea to try this stuff on the aluminum of the engine, recalling it saying it worked well for aluminum. Always wanting to see if the oxidized metal would clean up at all I decided to give it a try. See for yourselves.





Mind you this is just using a a rag and lightly doing it for a few seconds (engine was still quite hot). Impressive to say the least.

However it gets better. I split a little on the painted cross member, and when I wiped it off I discovered it did a remarkable job of cleaning the paint up.

Before (an older photo when the plenum's paint wasn't peeling):


You can see the right side has been done in these photos.






All done. Looks practically new!




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All my car care products are from surf city garage now. I've used their beyond clay, nano seal/shine, wash, and carnauba wax and all of it is amazing. It's somewhat pricey when it's not on clearance, but man it is well worth it.

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I've seen the wide variety of Surf City cleaning products at both Pep Boys and Advance Auto Parts stores and wondered how well they worked. This year I purchased a lot of new Meguiar's products to use, so I will not be needing anything for a while. But maybe if more people post their experiences with Surf City products here I'll switch over to them. Thanks for the info, Dodgefan!

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That looks pretty cool, I just finished using up my cleaning and polishing products I had bought about 4 years ago from Costco. Crazy to have Gallon jugs of stuff, I had to work just as hard to keep it mixed as I did to clean and wax the auto's. Going to try some new stuff I have seen at the O'Rielly's auto parts store and will post results here.

Thanks for showing us how it did.

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I happened to find this stuff on clearance for $1.95 a while ago and picked it up for some of the older lawn mower I work on which have chrome handlebars.


Quite the bargain!! I looked at this stuff on Saturday, but at $12.99 for the small bottle, I had to pass. Maybe when there's a sale I'll pick some up. Needed a bottle of bug & tar remover and sprung for the Surf City brand. Great stuff!!

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Paint looks good, but the AL is so rough to start, the difference doesn't hit you visually the same way the paint's results do.

I wonder how the polish would work with an abrasive fiber disc, so you'd be doing a 'double-whammy' on the AL.

Man, that casting flash makes me want to reach for a drawer of files...

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Had a job recently where I polished up about 30-ft of 4" angle aluminum. Even tho it was fresh material, I block-sanded it with 600, 1000 & 1500, then polished it twice with Busch's Aluminum Polish. GREAT stuff. I'll try and get pics up here.... I have to do another 21-ft this month.

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This stuff is amazing.

Check out what it did to these tarnished clippers.



And just wait until you see the 86 year old trophy.

I have a pair of those old Toe Nail Clippers, they work great and mine need to be cleaned up as they are not as shinny as yours are. Cool stuff.

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