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2014 Jeep Compass


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My Patriot was not a luxurious vehicle, I will certainly grant you that.  But it did feel bulletproof.  They have a good reliability record.  For my purposes, with my 48 mile commute daily, combined with a small fuel tank, and the feel of the CVT (which has been remedied with the conventional automatic), it was not the right vehicle... but for someone who has a short commute, or lives in the country, or needs 4WD on a limited budget, it is more than up to the task.  The Compass is plain ugly though... sry.

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Driven (rental) 2014 Jeep Compass (probably a base model) not even sure if it was just fwd or not




Chrysler tranformed a vehicle that was ugly at the start, into something sorta attractive

Decent space for driver and passengers

Interior layout wasn't too bad, much better than the original layout

I like big mirrors

Seating position is good for those that like crossovers

Feeling of heft and truckiness that might appeal to a Jeep brand intender

Ok cargo space

Extra cubby in the dash

Cupholder position and location.

There is no doubt that these are affordable for a new vehicle.




Crap powertrain, even if i can't tell if its a CVT or a six speed, this thing is junk.  Might be refined for 1988.

Terrible ride quality, I don't care if it's 'trying to be a Jeep' this thing has no compliance for bumps

Dead, heavy steering, again I don't care if it's a Jeep

Back and butt punishing seats.

Loud inside, where is the sound attenutation?  Overall marginal NVH.

While I am piling on, the stereo sucks.

$h! gas mileage.  I think I barely cracked 20.  Terrible for a small bad riding vehicle.

I'll mention again the powertrain sucked, that really is your major impression on this vehicle.  And i think it is mainly the transmission and its shifting and delivery of power.

Interior and exterior upgrades and changed Chrysler made to prolong this vehicle's life, are all for naught with such a bad driving experience.

Not sure if I would take it if it were free (stick versions may be a different story)




Not gonna spend a lot of time on this one.  Everything up above sums it up quite a bit.  I netted about 100 miles on the thing, and it was 95 miles too many.  It was disappointing because its actually an attractive vehicle now, inside and out, since Chrysler redid a bunch of it post crash.  There is just no sophistication anywhere else in this vehicle.  Neither the powertrain or the ride and drive / handling were satisfying in any way.  Perhaps Jeep was trying to make it feel more like a hard riding, noisy truck, but that doesn't wash.  


It's funny because when i returned this thing for the Altima we got rear ended in, they had a new Cherokee there and I really thought it would have been fun to try, if anything just to see the contrast.  I understand the appeal for Jeep to keep this in the lineup to sell at the low end, but it just like GM keeping old Impalas.  At some point they become draconian beyond comprehension and it brings the whole brand down.


I will give the vehicle a C- for just a couple reasons, one because its packaged well, two, it looks nice, and three, its priced so everyday folks can get one.  In that point of view, i can't give it a D- like I want to.  This would be a neat little rig with some NVH, a far better powertrain, and some work on the ride and handling. 


I guess what you get if you do that is a new Cherokee.  I can't think of hardly anyone i would recommend this to when so many other decent vehicles are out there instead.

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This is not news....

Why not just wait until you write it to post about it?

it literally does take days sometimes to get around it.  Lots going on, kids interrupt, all sorts of things.  Its too bad but thats the way it goes.



Believe me, I understand that... but I mean, why not wait until you write it to create the thread?

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I think that is the reason I did not write up when when had our Jeep Compass rental when the Cobalt went in. It was a pretty beat up rental. even with nearly 30k on it. You can just tell it was abused.....



We did a few thousand miles in it, and I could agree with reg and some stuff....handling on it just sucks. Powertrain was  not bad, it could get out of it's own way... I thought the seats were okay, but could have used a bit less black inside that car.. Radio was pretty decent, but boy you have to take hours setting it to be right...



I had to remember it was a station wagon and not a jeep, makes it a better car. It is no Jeep, though it handled great in bad weather. We had ours almost two months due to the Cobalt Recall, and put over 2k on it. Day to Day, it's not bad......



I could live with one if the wife wanted one...

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