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  1. Jaguar keeping it classy as always. It is as said, an excellent sports car with the option of taking the entire family for a spin. Not disappointed in the slightest.
  2. smk4565 has a good point. It's something to keep in mind, considering the huge and developed used cars industry in the US. Buying one of the used would be awesome, as it has a very slick design and the long panoramic sunroof is a luxury many families will love.
  3. I would really see this working well in the majority of Europe. Diesel is much cheaper, and since Land Rovers drink gas like mad, it would definitely make it more marketable to the Euro market.
  4. I agree with dfelt. Tesla is incredible for the high-tech systems and electric energy, but it really is subpar in terms of looks. I quite like the look of this Volt and I agree that the 100 mile range would come with repercussions. This car doesn't need additional weight.
  5. I'm not usually a huge fan of Mazda, but for this Mazda 3 I am sold, at least comparing to this Honda and Kia. Great design, got the fit just right.
  6. It's a great looker and I enjoyed the gallery photos. This seems like a very powerful and responsive bike, yet a bit overpriced to be honest.
  7. I'm a huge fan of this Jeep. It and the latest Mercedes ML are the sexiest and sturdiest looking to me, despite being of different types. I'd love to take this up on a hilly countryside...
  8. I actually like its look, it is unorthodox but has a classic vibe to it. And as always, it is a respectable engine. Looks very comfortable and with suitable space, and I like the seat-turning detail for entry and exit.
  9. The Volkswagen C 2013 packs quite a punch with a very reliable and powerful engine and a very safe security system. It also looks incredibly elegant, has respectable fuel economy, and for its price range and type, it is one of the top options, really.
  10. The Lexus CT 200h F-Sport looks pretty exciting, but as we see it falls shorts of the other options in terms of fuel economy. For me the Prius Plug-in takes the win by a large margin, it is both elegant and powerful enough, while being extremely low on fuel consumption and very eco-friendly.

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