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William Maley

Honda News: Next-Generation Honda Civic To Boast A New Turbocharged Four-Cylinder

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Honda appears to be the next automaker to join the downsized, turbocharged engine craze. Automotive News reports that the next-generation Civic - possibly arriving as early as this year - will feature a turbocharged four-cylinder as its base engine.

"Downsized turbocharging will be the base, even for the Civic," said Yoshiharu Yamamoto, global r&d head of Honda.

The turbocharged engine will be a 1.5L four-cylinder that will deliver the power of a normally-aspirated 2.0 to 2.4L four-cylinder engine with excellent torque and better fuel efficiency according to Yamamoto.

The new engine is expect to go into production later this year at Honda's Anna, Ohio plant.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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Be interesting to see just how reliable and if they truly get real world MPG as everyone keeps touting they do. So Far Fords Turbo V6 truck motor does not seem to get the MPG they advertise.

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Pretty much everyone these days can get 100 hp - 120 hp per liter from a turbo-4 with their eyes closed. As the 1.5 would probably be the base engine with a mind for fuel economy, I would think they'd stick more towards the lower end of the scale... 150hp sounds about right. 

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I also read that the UK produced 5 door Civic will be sold in the US , as the UK factory is underused.  The car will compete against the Golf and other 5 door hatchbacks.

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Yay for turbos!

I can't wait to see these on the showroom floor. I bet these will be fun little cars to drive. I might go and test drive one when they come out.

Oh, and also, yay for turbos!

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      According to The Drive website, Mercedes-Benz is putting out a car for the quote "Pikachu Generation".

      The AMG A35 hot hatch is a AWD 306 HP 295 lb-ft of torque pocket rocket with a 2L Turbo 4 engine. Power is delivered to the four wheels via a 7sp dual clutch automatic transmission. For those that think 0-60 times are the measure stick, Mercedes-Benz quotes a time of 4.7 seconds with a top end speed of 155 mph. The power train is an AWD system that is FWD Biased but can go to a pure 50:50 split AWD when needed. According to Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobais Moers, this is directed to compete with the Volkswagen Golf R, Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus RS. The CEO has also stated they have an A45 in the pipeline for next year producing more than 400 hp.

      Sadly for those in the United States, Mercedes-Benz is not planning on exporting this to the US at this time.
    • By dfelt
      Honda and GM have partnered up to develop the next generation of high density extreme fast charging battery packs. Honda and GM have already partnered on Hydrogen cell and motor technology development. Now they sign a multiyear agreement to develop batteries for the next generation of auto's.
      To quote the news release:
      "General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Honda (NYSE: HMC) announced an agreement for new advanced chemistry battery components, including the cell and module, to accelerate both companies’ plans for all-electric vehicles. The next-generation battery will deliver higher energy density, smaller packaging and faster charging capabilities for both companies’ future products, mainly for the North American market."
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      Trucks Records Set as Core Products Deliver American Honda May Sales Gains
      Jun 1, 2018
      New May sales records for American Honda trucks (up 9.2%), Honda trucks (up 11.6%), Pilot (up 36%), and CR-V (up 11.6%) Core Honda products Accord, Civic and Odyssey post strong retail sales despite industry trends Pilot is biggest mover in Honda lineup, jumping 36.1% in May and 40.8% year to date Acura sales remain strong with all-new 2019 RDX arriving today at dealers nationwide Honda Sales Highlights:
      Trucks and core products delivered major gains for Honda in May: Trucks set a new May record, Accord sales gained significant momentum, and strong performances from Civic, CR-V and Odyssey pushed all of these models to retail sales leadership in their respective segments. With Pilot and CR-V also adding record May sales, Honda brand gained a total of 4.3 percent for the month.  
      Accord sales continued to climb strongly since its launch last fall, posting more than 28,000 sales in May, up 29.3% versus last month. With 34,349 sold in May, Civic gained 7.4% for the month. Pilot sales jumped 36.1% in setting a new May record, its 9th consecutive gain, and CR-V sales climbed 11.6% on sales of 35,905, also a May record. Acura Sales Highlights:
      With strong sales of the outgoing RDX helping Acura maintain a steady sales pace in May, the all-new 2019 RDX arrives in dealers today – the first in a new generation of Acura products completely designed around the brand’s Precision Crafted Performance brand direction.
      Acura light truck sales remained strong with RDX topping 4,700 in May and MDX passing the 4,000 mark.   ILX gained 28.3% on for the month and is up 16.2% year to date.
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      New Ring Drive adds AWD to Latest Honda Civic Type R
      Posted to Youtube a video on a california start up that believes it can build a better mousetrap. What mousetrap would that be?
      In wheel electric motors. According to the company's web, the average traditional hub motor is approximately 68lbs. The Orbis Ring Drive is 35lbs for a 70hp motor. The company does not state the torque but will give you full details if you sign an NDA. So adding AWD and 140 HP to the Type R basic 306HP FWD car brings you to a blistering 446hp AWD Type R Hybrid.
      Founder and CEO Marcus Hays with Co-inventor Scott Streeter are the brains behind this Ring Drive motor. Hays was the principle lead for development at EV Global Motors by Lee Iacocca. He left the company and started up his own 5 years ago developing the Ring Drive technology that he believes will also offer gains to be used by Motorcycles, powered bicycles, ATVs and military off road applications.
      ORBIS DRIVEN Web Site
      “The company’s brochure explains “the technology divides a wheel or cog into two essential parts, a stationary hub and a rim or ‘ring.’ The ring rotates about the stationary hub, driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor.”
      Hays says the ring drive is more efficient while reducing vehicle weight as much as 40% and driveline complexity by 75% compared to powertrains in which the electric motors (in-hub or in the driveline) power an axle.”

      Wards Auto Story
      InsideEVs Story
    • By William Maley
      If you happen to have a pre-production Honda Civic Type R just sitting around, what would you do with it? If you happen to an engineer in special projects division at Honda's Swindon plant in the U.K., you decide to make it into a pickup.
      Codenamed ‘Project P’, the Type R pickup made its debut at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Test Day. To create this truck, the special projects division changed everything from the b-pillar to the back to install a bed with diamond-plate metal bed and a set of rollbars. The big rear wing is retained.
      The rest of the vehicle is pretty much identical to the standard Type R with a turbocharged 2.0L inline-four producing 306 horsepower, six-speed manual transmission, and adaptive suspension. Honda says the truck can hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 165 mph - just 5 mph slower than the standard Civic Type R.
      "We have a special projects division at the factory in Swindon and this project was a fantastic opportunity for the team to show just what their creative minds could do. The passion that our engineers have for Honda is shown in our latest creation and we are even considering taking it to the Nurburgring to see if we can take the record for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck!” said Alyn James, project lead.
      Before someone asks, Honda explicitly states in the press release "no plans to put the concept into production."
      Source: Honda

      Honda Reveals Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept at SMMT Test Day
      Created by the team behind Synchro Motorsport at the Swindon factory Potentially one of the fastest pickup trucks on UK roads No plans to put concept into production Honda UK has stolen the show at the annual SMMT Test Day this year by showcasing a Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept, almost a year after the launch of the standard road car.
      Built by a specialist team from the Product Engineering department at the Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) factory in Swindon and codenamed ‘Project P’, the Civic Type R Pickup Truck has been modified and developed from the standard road car to create potentially one of the fastest pickup trucks on UK roads.
      To create the Project P concept, the team used a pre-production version and adapted the design rearwards from the B-pillars of the car, with sweeping lines from the roofline to the back hiding a flatbed loading area in the centre of the car where the rear seats and boot space would normally be.
      Finished in Rallye Red, the concept retains the iconic rear wing associated with both the FK2 and FK8 Civic Type R, which, in a clever piece of engineering, is movable to allow direct and unfettered access to the rear of the truck.
      Using the same powertrain, suspension and gearbox as the standard road car, it is estimated Project P will complete the 0-62mph sprint in under six seconds and reach a top speed of over 165mph. It also possesses the same driving modes of comfort, Sport and +R, Project P offering both ride comfort as well as a unique racing capability on track.
      Alyn James, project lead, commented: “We have a special projects division at the factory in Swindon and this project was a fantastic opportunity for the team to show just what their creative minds could do. The passion that our engineers have for Honda is shown in our latest creation and we are even considering taking it to the Nurburgring to see if we can take the record for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck!”
      Phil Webb, head of car at Honda UK, added: “This Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept by the special team at our Swindon-based plant demonstrates the passion and commitment of the team there – going above and beyond outside working hours to deliver the final product. There are no plans to put this in to production but we will be using it to transport our lawn and garden products as and when required!”

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