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Frisky Dingo

Would You Rather: Red Mist Edition

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Along with the "What Would You Buy Instead?" threads, I thought I'd bring this one back, too.


Today we're focusing on two of the greatest cars to ever wear the famed Prancing Horse badge, but from two very different times. The two cars themselves are also very different, but have some glaring similarities. Both cars use small displacement turbocharged V8's mounted midship, both deliver(ed) stunning performance in their day, but they hail from different eras, and are obvious products of such. So, would you rather have.....


Ferrari F40






488 GTB





Remember, you cannot pick a different car, you cannot choose one and sell it, etc!!!

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I'm almost always a huge sucker for the newest Ferrari in the sportiest class(360, 430, 458, 488) and this is no exception.. EXCEPT the F40 is such an iconic car I would be absolutely insane to pass it up. It's also still such a raw driver's car not aided with all sorts of nannies to keep my hands, feet, and brain all in check.

It's honestly not even that pretty to me. When I was a kid I always loved the curves of the F50 easily over the F40. But the F40 is just so special as an actual driver's car.


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The F40 reminds me of one of my favorite comic series on TV, Speed Racer.


The 488 GTB is pretty but needs to be in another color.


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I'd take the F40, but I'd really rather have a 288 GTO.    Not in red, though, too predictable.    Dark brown or dark blue..

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I gave this one much debate, and as amazing a car as the F40 is, I think I have to go 488. By all accounts, it's one of the best cars on sale right now, and it's performance combined with it's looks and drivability is just too much to overcome.

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