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Hyundai News:Hyundai Hops Aboard the EV Train

William Maley

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Hyundai had a put a lot of confidence into hydrogen being the future power source for vehicles. But much like Toyota, the Korean automaker is realizing that electrics are the way of the future and they might want to jump on the bandwagon soon.

Today at a press conference in Seoul, Hyundai announced that it would be placing electric vehicles front and center with plans to launch several long-range EVs in the coming years. This includes an electric version of the Kona early next year and an electric sedan for Genesis in 2021 that is expected to have a range of 310 miles. Hyundai also confirmed a report by Reuters saying the company is working on a dedicated EV platform.

"We're strengthening our eco-friendly car strategy, centering on electric vehicles," said Hyundai Executive Vice President Lee Kwang-guk.

Hyundai isn't fully giving up on hydrogen. The automaker showed a concept version of its new fuel cell SUV that will replace the Tucson Hydrogen. Hyundai says the model can go 360 miles on one tank of hydrogen. It will launch in Korea next year, with the U.S. and Europe following sometime after.

Source: Reuters

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Very interesting, but I feel the Hydrogen thing is just too little too late. EV will surpass Hydrogen. About time they got going on the EV bandwagon.

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10 hours ago, FAPTurbo said:

hydrogen's nothing but hot air


10 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

Only if you take a match to it. 


2 hours ago, daves87rs said:

The you're really see the market heat up.......

Or is that the Planet heating up? :scratchchin: #FakeNews :o :roflmao:

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Well, I'm trying to talk Albert into a plug-in for his next vehicle, but so few of them come in AWD. Those that do have pathetic EV only ranges and are extremely expensive. I think we're at a tipping point for Plug-In and we're going to see a whole bunch of them hit the market or be announced in the next 18 months.   It was the Pacifica Plug-In that convinced me of the virtues of the technology. The amount of pull the Pacifica has under hard acceleration is joyfully inappropriate for a mini-van.   The fact that it can get 84 MPGe is the cherry on top..... it actually has me considering one, but Albert won't allow it. 

*sigh* No wagons, no minivan, no manual transmission, no coupes as daily drivers, no RWD..... it might be time for a new boyfriend. 

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