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Ultimate Dream Garage: Over 4.0 Liter N/A Edition

Frisky Dingo

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The sister thread to the earlier one. I'll get right down to business here.



1- Production cars only.

2- Any era and market is allowed.

3- These are your only vehicles.

4- Choices must be greater than 4.0 liters of displacement, meaning AT LEAST 4.1

5- Naturally aspirated engines only.

6- No Hybrids.

7- You have 5 choices, but can add 5 more after doing a Top 5.


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• Clean mild resto-mod '64 Safari (road trippin'), 389 CI (A/C & OD added)

• beater '66 GMC long bed (for work), 305 CI

• '56 Eldorado Seville (for profiling), 365 CI

• Maybe a '17 Stingray (for interstate flight), 376 CI

• 40 Ford COE (for tinkering), replacement Merc flathead 254 CI



66 GMC copy.JPG

1956 Cadillac Eldorado Seville_2.jpg


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1. 1973 Pontiac Trans Am 455SD (1978 pictured below because quite frankly, Id take any 2nd gen Trans Am)


2. 1970 Olds 442 W-30 or 1969 Hurst/Olds 455 cubic inches pa0716-256963_2.jpg


3. 2017-2018 Dodge Challenger 392 Scat Pack



6. 2018 Lexus LC 500 5.0 V82018-lexus-lc-500-11.jpg

 4. 2009 CLS 63 AMG  6.2 liter  V8


7. E39 BMW M5 4.9liter V8


8. I just just learned about this car searching for a Chevy SS to post.

2009 HSV W427. Oh Yessssssss baby!  427.

As in the 7.0 liter LS7. Only 90 were built, and I want me it badly.



9. 2017 Mustang GT350 5.2 liter V8



5. I need/want a Cadillac to round off the first 5. A new Cadillac. One with a Corvette engine  Problem is new Cadillacs with the Vette V8s have this thing called a supercharger. The only one that does not have is an Escalade....so we do an Escalade ESV.



10. Ill continue rolling the dice and continue with a truck. One with a Viper engine.


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