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Land Rover News: Range Rover and Range Sport Plug-In Hybrids Coming Next Year

William Maley

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Land Rover will be offering plug-in hybrid variants of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport next spring. This news comes from Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week.

The models will pair JLR's 2.0L four-cylinder Ingenium gas engine with an electric motor. EV range is said to be about 30 miles when the battery is charged - although the range could be based on the European cycle. No power ratings were given for hybrid system. More details on the plug-in hybrid models will be announced next month.

Land Rover has sold a hybrid version of the Range Rover for a few years in Europe, but it uses a diesel engine. 

Source: Motoring, Motor Trend

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3 hours ago, daves87rs said:

Only 30 miles..... Hmmmm

Agree, in todays market, they should at least get 50 miles or more for the base ev mode. Kinda how my attitude is against the Mercedes S class hybrid and Porsche where they state 30 miles or maybe it was 18 miles. Crazy stupid low range, why bother. Shows no effort and for expensive auto's a big disappointment.

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30 miles for a vehicle 8 times the size of a Volt and shaped almost like a brick is pretty impressive to me(Range Rover, sport is more like 4 times as large). I mean they can't just cram batteries underneath because they likely want to keep its off road abilities and clearances. 

FYI, I'm being a smartass about the sizes but they are both much much larger than a Volt. "regular" Range Rovers are huge vehicles.

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30 miles is pretty weak, the Range Rover Sport with the diesel has like a 560 mile fuel range..

49 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

"regular" Range Rovers are huge vehicles.

Not really...a regular wheelbase Range Rover is sized between the Grand Cherokee (which is RR Sport sized) and the Durango..smaller than Ford and GM full size SUVs..  

Oddly, the LR Disco, Range Rover Sport and regular Range Rover all have the same 115 inch wheelbase, the Disco and RR have a bit more rear overhang.  The Velar has a 2 inch shorter wheelbase and is slightly smaller than the Sport.  (It seems very odd to me to have both the Velar and Sport which are both around the same size).


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Well it isn't a 3 row SUV. but it's 3 inches wider, 6 longer, 3 taller...fair amount larger. Most comparisons compare the RR Sport to the JGC. 

That seems pretty significant for a 2 row SUV. You're right it isn't a BOF GM full sizer but I also think those are stupid big. 

After looking at the dimensions the big Rover is closer in size to the Tahoe than the JGC. Definitely smaller than the Tahoe. 

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