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2018 Honda Accord 'lot impression'


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Spotted and touched a new 2018 Accord a few days ago.  Couldn't get inside  ;)

It definitely has an 'interesting' look to it.  It's got the lowered coupe like roof that is in vogue, and the greenhouse is basically a stretched Civic sort of look.  Some odd sculpting to the body and a very blunt and weird upright front end make for a look that is hard to process at first; although strange design has been done often by Honda on cars and motorcycles over the decades (strange design is like a Honda badge of honor).  The headlight detail in particular is interesting, with a very introverted looking face.  Some of the other front end seams and cut lines and detailing is a bit strange as well / things not seen before.

The car seems squashed to the pavement....there is not much clearance off the road and the side of the body is filled out at the sill about as far as I have seen any sedans.  You can't call the car 'rakish' at all, but it is very 'low slung'.  Is it like a large behemoth 4 door Prelude?  And not really a trunk / rear deck to speak of..in contrast to a comparatively longish hood.  I think it will take awhile to warm up to this new look, although it is an improvement over the outgoing one, which is an odd statement to make.  There is a somewhat element of a luxury look here, but once this car hits the street en masse the uniqueness should fade away.

The interior through the glass looks to be largest in class.  Leg room and width / girth seem amazing and this probably will set new expectations for 'mid size' bread and butter sedans.  I'd be curious about the head room with the roof seeming low...but the seats look as is they may have a low hip point also.  I think this car could have been raised a couple inches to sit a bit higher off the pavement and have a higher sit and roof.  But i suppose they would lose 0.1 mpg off the CAFE then.

Interior design looks to be somewhat uninspired...but the materials look like they will be ok for the class. The interior likely won't offend, but it there is blandness and predictability...no design risks.  Not a fan of the 'screen sticking up out of the dashboard tacked on' look either, but many are doing it this way.

It's hard to knock the initial weirdness of the car when it seems Honda delivers on practically all counts as far as powertrain, value, and interior utility.  The manual transmission bunch are delighted to know Honda still is offering sticks in the new Accord.  Honda seems to want to own the market for large sedan stick buyers in the country.  The two engine offerings appear to be able to excel in mpg or power in either case.  And finally, turbos from Honda.

I had sworn off of manuals for good but if i get the itch again, this would be a leading candidate.....a 2.0 turbo stick Accord would actually be something i could forgive the funky looks for.  Since no one else really wants to offer the stick.  And even the automatic 2.0 to me would be on the list with the new Regal as candidates to replace my Malibu when that goes back in 2019.  I have no idea who would choose a new Camry over this (even the new new Camry).  Sorry, but the Mazda6 pales in comparison to this with the possible exception of those who may prefer the more intimate Mazda interior.  I would even say that this over a loaded Impala would be a statement I might make too.

Despite being tough to look at from some angles, i think the Honda continues to check many good boxes on the sedan market and should continue to see big success.


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So, went to sit in one.  Surprisingly not as spacious as I thought.  I sort of drank the KOOL AID on this one.  Not larger than anything else in the class really except the legroom may be some more.  

Interior materials not a step above any others, nor not much different than typical Honda fare.  Previous Accord actually seemed more airy and such.  They must have dropped the roof a lot on this version.  It may actually feel smaller inside to some.  And it is not nicer or more luxurious feeling.  Nothing uniquely appealing here.

It is different however.  So i admit I drank the KOOL AID here.  I will still try to drive one at some point, as this is Honda's first go at turbos.  In the end, as far as showroom appeal, if you shop around, i think this just blends into the midsize sedan goulash.

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9 hours ago, ocnblu said:

One saving grace:  rumor has it you can get a stick.  Which is good, as CVTs continue to suck and slurp all over donkey balls.

Stick and CVT just does not sound or make sense to me when I envision it in my mind.

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