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Auto Show Test Drive - 2018 Chevrolet Bolt

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I won't write this as long as my other reviews.  At the auto show a few weeks ago, they had a way for people to test drive (a few city blocks) some of the new vehicles.  I managed a little time in a new Chevrolet Bolt EV!!

I had been wanting to try out the new Bolt.  I'm a fan of the Volt, but could leaving out the gas engine in fact be the way to go?

The Volt is small outside, but it's skateboard platform allows for tremendous packaging efficiency.  It doesn't seem at first to be much more than something the size of a Sonic or Encore, but it manages to be big enough inside to feel generally spacious.  The unique dash and console design returns much space to the user, too.  The seating position is straight up chairlike, and the shifter takes little room.  The view outside this bubble car is vast.  A tremendous evolution of interior design is the use of the large touchscreen in more of a laydown position.  It's easily within reach and readable, but not up high on the dash.  All of the displays are done nicely, as the digital and screen displays have now come to more desirable than old school gauges, finally (imagine if the mid eighties Buicks with the 'touch screens' and digital displays had been this good).  And, even the often maligned GM joystick shifter works well here and falls to hand nicely.  There's a lot of interesting new surface textures and materials inside the Bolt you don't see in other GM rides, and they are all interesting to me.

As a commuter device, this car would rock.  I really enjoyed driving it thinking of it as a get around town car.  Due to the electric propulsion, it has sweet torque now!  Few cars this small have the grunt and burst this thing has. It's fun!  And the quiet of the electric powertrain is something one will get used to very quickly...such as to leave you wondering, "how did i ever put up listening to that loud gas thing for so many DECADES"?

It really is new experience.  You can call it a go kart if you like, and yes it is that.  But it is a very nice go kart.  Refined, pleasant, useful.  This where GM excels and Tesla may not.  This is a polished offering.  Switches and controls feel good.  Seats and comfort are there.  The electric grunt when you use it, And the simplicity to drive...... you can even set it to not have to use the brake almost at all.

It's very appealing in a different way than we all are yet used to.  This doesn't put out to pasture our love for what cars are now, or have been in our past.  But i can guarantee you, if hundreds of thousands of these were available on the market today, at super affordable prices, the revolution would be under way.  (Assuming we would have convenient charging methods all figured out).  This car is a snapshot in time of what many typical commuters would like to use every day as a device.

It's a real car, I'd encourage GM to get to work and make a full lineup of cars like this.  Bigger, sedans, several different styles, sizes, etc.  And help figure out the charging networks, including at homes.  GM still has the best chance to lead in EV's offered going into the future and they are teetering on the edge of not being able to take advantage of their past history and expertise once other companies get their money in there.



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1 hour ago, regfootball said:

we need to kidnap ocnblu and tie his arms and legs up, throw him in the back seat and take him for a cross country tour in a Bolt

Highly inappropriate comment, being as it is my birthday and all.  :o  :AH-HA:


I actually saw one in a grocery store parking lot last week.  8mm I think.

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