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Porsche News: Porsche Taycan to Overboost to 700 HP

Drew Dowdell

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The Porsche Taycan, which is due to be officially revealed next week, got some track time with a reporter from Autocar.  The Taycan will be Porsche's offering to compete with the Tesla Model S, and like the Model S will come in a variety of flavors.  No matter which Taycan chosen, it will come with a 90 kWh battery pack capable of recharging up to 60 miles of range in just 4 minutes and free high speed charging for the first 3 years

On the faster of the Taycan flavors, there will be an overboost option that will hold for two and a half seconds that boost the horsepower to "well over" 700 hp and over 750 lb-ft of torque. That power will rocket the Taycan from 0-62 mph somewhere under 3 seconds. 

For those who miss the sounds of a car, the Taycan will offer something new.  It will electronically enhance the sound of the electric motors' whine and pump it into the cabin. 

Base price for the Taycan will be around the $75,000 mark, but expect the model with the overboost to be substantially more. 

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I am excited for this and the other stuff that Audi and Mercedes bring.  Tesla will get a challenge and that competition will be good for them all to push each other.  Polestar won't last 5 years against stuff like this.  Do you want a Polestar that looks like a Volvo S60 or a freaking 700 hp Porsche for equal money.  Easy decision.

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