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India has 150 million drivers but 'no one' wants an EV

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As is primarily the case in the U.S., EVs are generally far too expensive. Almost 70% of consumers in India pay UNDER $10K to buy a car and the Kona EV is $35,000. Dealer only stocked 130 units thru August this year.
The India vehicle market has only seen 8,000 EVs sell there in SIX years, despite strong gov't support & incentives.

And despite the far different standard of living in the U.S., price competitiveness is still the tallest hurdle EVs have to get over.

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On 10/7/2019 at 3:27 PM, balthazar said:

^ It's the #4 vehicle market globally, but the median prices are so low it's a wonder anyone makes money there.
OEMs might consider selling their own off-lease / pre-owned there insterad of new.

You mean dump from the US used market into India?  Are cars are too big unless you're sending Sparks, Sonics, and Fiestas. 

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India is a caste system of rich and poor, plus the poor infrastructure and lack of electrical to a majority of the people will always make it a hard sale.

Until the government corruption stops and they actually start investing in the country and work to improve basics such as clean water, sewer, electricity and roads, EVs will only sell in the rich sections that can support it and that is even a small segment due to the poor infrastructure of the country.

On top of those issues is what Drew points out, majority of our auto's in the US are too big for the country and road system as such the most you could export as CPO would be the Sparks, Sonics and Fiestas.

India is the 4th largest auto market focused on compacts here being extra large auto's there, so you have sub compacts as mid size, micro as compacts and what ever is under micro as sub-compacts in comparison of India to the US.

Most folks there are used to driving motorcycles and they come here and get a car and cannot drive worth shit.

Price is not the biggest issue, reliable electricity is a bigger issue in India as they are a country with sparse gas stations too so you need high mileage auto's to get around.

As one that spends too much time there for work, I can tell you, it is very common to see stores sell 1, 2, 4 and 8 Liter containers of gas due to the lack of gas stations. Yet due to this ability to package and sell, gas autos and bikes sell and will continue to sell till the country fixes their poor infrastructure.

I could go on about the differences between there and here but would be a way too long of a rant that some people complain about others do.


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6 hours ago, dfelt said:

I could go on about the differences between there and here but would be a way too long of a rant that some people complain about others do.

That would be me, right?    

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