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MAY 2020 Auto Sighting


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Dropping the SS off for service and see an auto I always loved. The Cadillac XLR 2005 model with 38,000 miles. Wish I could fit in them.


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Beautiful weather this afternoon, took a drive for about 40 min out through the national park on some winding roads in the Caddy.   Saw a white C8 rumbling along, and a dark blue C7 convertible top down..  feels good to get out of the house even if going nowhere in particular...

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picked up the SS from the dealership after GM under warranty replaced a failed front left wheel bearing hub assembly.

Ran into a guy picking up a new CT6 V edition. Was loving it, I asked him what he traded in and he pointed to a BMW i8. Had 28,000 miles plus on it. Said his wife loved how quiet the auto was but wanted space and to not be sitting to low on the ground. He said alsonif BMW could build it without all the maintenance as the extended range system required more work than a normal auto due to having to disassemble so much of the body to get to the hybrid system. I would say cool auto that was a build fail for low maintenance. 



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Rode through local Chevy dealer on Sunday checking for big, bad Trailblazers.  Sawr a black Tesla Model 3 with no plates, must have been freshly traded.  Dying to know what it was traded on.

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3 hours ago, ocnblu said:

Can anyone please tell me if that's a '57 Ford?  I'm lost here.  Could also be a Subaru I guess.

It’s a ‘57 Ford, but not sure which model, don’t recognize the side trim.  
Speaking of the 50s, saw a very clean ‘55 Chevy Nomad (Aqua w a white roof) driving in my neighborhood this afternoon.  

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Spotted May 29 - parked next to each other


This is a 2006 or 2007 Monte Carlo SS, meaning it's among the rare few with a V8.  How does it have basic wheels? These had some meaty tires and alloys.


I couldn't even tell you what year this Rolls is or what it might cost.  These remind me of the poster saying "Poverty Sucks."  Not my cup of tea, but an interesting sighting.

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Last call for May spotting - on the last day of May, the 31st:


Near JAX, and just off the Beltway, it looks like birds of a feather flock together.  I'll take the one on the right ... less thirsty.


Trifecta of Dodge-Ram products, still in the same place - the charcoal enamel color seen on FCA of products as of late is nice but, on that Charger, I think it would look way better with basic aluminum (shinier) alloys to keep it from looking that drab.  My 2 cents.


Further down I-95 on the Treasure Coast, north of Palm Beach County.  Wow ... this is one car that has gotten better and better.  (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next rendition.)  I can't tell if it's the red or the orange they've been offering on the Charger lately, but it's definitely flattering on this vehicle.

For random sighting photos, FL's lack of front license plates works wonders.

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I checked the date and this one slides into May as well - also on the 31st.

The Rivieras of the world are usually renowned for being sun drenched ...


... but sadly this last-gen Riviera is as well.

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