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Industry News: Electrocycle, 300 Miles of Range, 120 mph Top Speed, 3.6 Seconds to 60, Can Zaiser of Colorado deliver?


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Zaiser Motors of Colorado has shown off their Cruiser version of an electric motorcycle in AWD/RWD form. The basic design is a 300 mile range motorcycle that can reach 60mph in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 120 mph. 


Looking at the history of motorcycle startups as well as established companies like Harley Davidson with their livewire bike that only has 90 miles of range, the obvious question is how do they get such a long range on a bike? The answer is in-wheel hub motors.


Yes, there has been much written about the pro's and cons of in-wheel hub motors. Pro, you no longer have the drive chains/belts and other consumable parts that require maintenance, nice. Con side is the unsprung weight which requires the suspension to have to work harder in giving a smooth ride.


Zaiser Electrocycle answer is a removable, easily rechargeable battery pack that allows a much more flexible ride with a long range solution that riders are expecting based on ICE Motorcycles. Based on the Wefunder page, Quote: 

"A 300-mile range is quite a claim, but we are ready to back that up.

By moving the powerplant out to the wheels and shedding weight, we are confident that we will have the flexibility to achieve a 300-mile range on our model 1 Electrocycle. Freeing up space in the center of the Electrocycle will allow us to fit our 17.5 KWH battery unit and more without compromising aesthetics or aerodynamics. Additional improvements consist of efficiency gains thanks to our new twin-hub cooling system and ultra light-weight composite material implemented during manufacturing. 

These benefits alone give us the '50-mile-edge' over current over the ~250-mile industry average, however, we anticipate rapid advancements in battery technology in the near future, making this goal very attainable for Zaiser."

True Sustainability comes via ease of routine servicing, empowering the customer base and extending the lifespan of the Electrocycle. Part of this will come via building in compatibility with all levels of charging including fast DC charging, Home charging with interchangeable battery packs and recycling of battery packs allowing for a complete circle of life. This will come about via supporting the cycle industry modularity of battery packs with replaceability within the industry. Solid state batteries and using organic composite materials will be the other.

The initial Electrocycle is to be the AWD model, but they have in their business plan a much cheaper model that would imply RWD only. Safety is also right up there with their battery range, true traction control and auto stabilization are to be standard, unobtrusive to the rider and yet present when it counts. Zaiser says they are not stopping there as they have planned for a tech package that is a cohesive implementation of Lidar sensors, haptic feedback via the handlebars allowing for accident avoidance and much more that has never been present in motorcycles. Their Safety tech package they believe will play a crucial role in reducing accidents by 20%.


To succeed in todays market, Zaiser Motor company believes in three main principles for success, Culture, Community, and Events. Today's dealerships are not cutting it and Zaiser wants their stores to be a gathering hub for the community they are in. These places will be more than sales and service, but also a place for training, certifications and for hosting events to connect the Zaiser brand and it's customers and community.

Motorsports also falls in the three categories helping to drive innovation in the electric motorsport space with electric cycle advancements and innovations. Zaiser initial go-to-market strategy is to focus on urbanites that want to escape the city pod life cleanly taking them out and back safely in their adventure.


The Electrocycle is scheduled to launch by early 2022 at the latest according to their website and will come in a range of colors.



For your next bike, consider a Zaiser Electrocycle and go green!


Zaiser Motors • The Electric Motorcycle With A Soul

Invest in Zaiser Motors: The First Twin-Hub Electric Motorcycle! | Wefunder


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22 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

It's actually a pretty compelling bike but that rear tire sticks out like a sore thumb. It needs to be wider just for the sake of "presence".  It has a wide/bubbly rear fender and a toothpick underneath. 

I like this bike as it reminds me of the only motorcycle that I really ever desired, but was married with kids, so bikes have been a no go now as the responsible father I am. But I love the Yamaha Stryker.


The Stryker which is gone for the 2022 model year, RIP will be missed I believe as they have given up on the cruiser market, but has that fatty backside you talk about.


I get the sleek European racer design which this bike has, and maybe it is designed that way for ease of holding multiple people as well as weight.

Either way, in Green it is lovely!


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It doesn't even need a super-fat rear tire, just one that looks proportional to the rest of the bike. 

Also, I don't have much hopes this makes it to production. They basically have a "GoFundMe" going with  $27,700 raised with a goal of $500,000. I know they almost certainly have private funding but still asking for money have me quite skeptical.. 



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I don't like the styling at all but I wish them well the range of the batteries are welcome and I think that is about the limit for a cruiser. Stop strech your legs and recharge eat bathroom break and on the road again... 

Let them release the bike and see if they can find there groove in the next iteration of cruiser or touring.

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On 6/7/2021 at 2:19 PM, ccap41 said:

Also, I don't have much hopes this makes it to production. They basically have a "GoFundMe" going with  $27,700 raised with a goal of $500,000. I know they almost certainly have private funding but still asking for money have me quite skeptical..

They're up to $33,500!! 

...of their $500,000 goal. 

One of their biggest hurdles will be the aftermarket though. Harley and everybody else already has a strong hold on the aftermarket and bike people LOVE to customize their bikes. 

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