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  1. Overall thoughts vs the current CR-V? Love the look of the Mazda, but no local dealer and I my Honda’s.
  2. I agree! I see some new features on the Hybrid! Heated steering wheel, paddle shifters, wireless charging, parking sensors and LED fog lights! This could be my next new car! Hybrid will be great for all of my work driving too
  3. Looks great! Love the color! Still like my SUVs...
  4. I love the look of this and the Blazer. I agree not the best names but it is 2019! Do we know if there will be a new Trax/Tracker coming along too? Thx
  5. Interesting to see both in person someday. Still not impressed the the names at all. At least ATS and CTS were different. I do not like the CT and XT names at all.
  6. Nice review but I’m still torn on the CT5 which I keep calling the CTS...
  7. I’m disappointed again just like with the XT6. They seem to be going backwards in style. The blackout side panel really looks out of place on a Cadillac
  8. Looks nice. Does it really seat 7? Looks too low in the back to me. I’m sure they will sell a lot of these too.
  9. Again, I will believe it once we see it. We’ve been waiting on the Wagoneer for years
  10. Looking forward to see what they come up with..Love Acura and of course I’m a Honda fanatic

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