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    William Maley
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    Rumorpile: It Will Be A Long Wait for the Next Charger

      Good News: A next-generation Charger is coming
      Bad News: It will be awhile before we see it

    The Dodge Charger is getting up there in age, not in looks but its platform. The 300 and Charger's LX platform uses suspension bits from older Mercedes-Benz models (W211 E-Class and W220 S-Class). According to Automotive News, there is a new Charger coming. But the bad news is that it will not be till after 2020.


    According to sources, the Charger will switch over to an extended version of the platform that underpins the Giulia - known as Giorgio. Overall length will remain around 198 inches, but weight is expected to drop about 500 pounds. There is talk about the turbocharged 2.0L four - codenamed Hurricane - being one of the engines on offer for the next-gen Charger.


    But why is FCA waiting till after 2020 to introduce the next Charger? The report doesn't say, but our guess would either be money or the number of delays for the Giulia have pushed back the timeline for other models using the platform. Either way, a source says the Charger will have a minor refresh in 2019.


    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)
    Pic Credit: William Maley for Cheers & Gears

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    Sad, yes it is on a solid platform, but Sergio has been hell bent of Fing up FCA, Steeling the money that should be re-invested into Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler so he can try and bring back his failed piss poor Italian brands.


    REALITY, What Sergio has done is hurt the US side of FCA in a failed attempt to keep auto production of $h!ty Fiat, Alfa and other grossly over priced, poor quality italian labels going.

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    Well, I think they still have a grapple on that niche, and they are large sedans that still seem to sell well.


    If they do it right, they could have something like how he Volvo XC90 was old, but then the redesign, however late, was worth the wait.

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    They are in trouble with the car lines. It was clear long ago that they were delaying the LX replacements and that the new Giulia has had it's problems. 


    The way I see it now they have abandon their smaller cars and are looking for a partner. Sergio is wanting to leave and run a separated Ferrari now. I see some kind of deal where a Maker from China comes in and takes over the car lines. I suspect this also is a smoke screen here as I think they really are not sure what they want to do. 

    Of late I keep seeing web sites putting up the Lutz version of the Charger saying the new car will look like this. So you tell me they are going to use a design from how long ago for a new car? I don't think so. 


    This i will really hurt as this segment is dying as it is not only a Niche and it is being left to rot. Thing are so bad the Challenger is now not even compared to the Camaro and Mustang as one story pointed out that it lost to the old Ford and Chevy and had no reason to test it vs the new models. Imagine the out cry if GM of Ford had let one of their models rot. 


    The Hell Cat I think was just a cry for help from inside Chrysler. You know he folks in Auburn Hills can not be happy with the FCA people and Sergio. They see the money Jeep is making and they see so little of it back to them. That is just a crime. 


    The Future if there is one should be through Chrysler Dodge, Ram and Jeep for FCA but as it is they will die do to Sergio trying to save the Italian brands no one wants. . 

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    The LX vehicles are well rounded still. And it's more of proven versus less of new. But. In some ways you can load up a 300...and find yourself wondering just how long they can get by before the exterior is just tired. It's by no means bad looking, but some of the exterior refresh was a step-back.


    I don't see 300's often enough, so they do have an occasional sense - hell I see more Hyundai Genesis vehicles than I see 300s. Even Chargers are rare here.


    The ZF HP8 definitely has kept them around well, and their price point is attractive...but is it lucrative. 


    Honestly, one thing I don't understand is that FCA should be printing money...but are the 200 and Dart and everything Italian so disastrous as to affect the company so much?


    Outside of N/A...where is FCA going to get it's mojo, other than the American brands like Jeep and perhaps Chrysler even carrying prestige into China. There's some Norwegians out there that import F150s, Rams and GM twins, but where else can they sell their supposed mid-size truck in other markets?

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    I think they are waiting on new Dodge and Chrysler product because they don't have the money to develop new ones.   Furthermore, we know Sergio wants to sell the company or merge it with somebody.  The past 3 years FCA spend around $3 billion on R&D according to their income statement, but the past 2 years they had net income of $410 million and $765 million.  If they spend another $500 million a year on R&D they go from profitable to money loser, and Sergio has to show the company as making money.  


    Also consider their revenues are around $115-120 billion a year, yet they have around $0.5 billion profit, they are operating at less than .5% margin.  If we assume Jeep runs a typical 5% margin, every other vehicle they make loses money.  They have to give huge discounts to move Chrysler and Dodge products, and they have since the 1990s, buyers now expect 20% of sticker when buying a Dodge/Chrysler.  


    I think they will hold off until 2020, and if a buyer or merger can't be found by then, Dodge and Chrsyler will go away, the Pacifica will be due for a refresh and be the only semi-current product left, they can rebadge it to Fiat or Alfa or both.  Then they will have a Fiat-Jeep-Alfa-Maserati set up, and Ram trucks as well.

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