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    • 100% correct. They did it to make money, not to appease the 1% of enthusiasts.  One of my best friends' mom has a BMW 540i M Sport and she claims it's an M. Their marketing is 100% working. 
    • Which is what he doesn't get. He thinks the two examples are equal, hence his double standard accusation, when they are beyond apples to oranges in comparison. History of the two models alone prove this.
    • There is no reason to doubt a succesful transition for Corvette to be its own brand. Like @Robert Hall said, the Corvette has been a sub-brand of Chevrolet SINCE 1953 actually.  Its built a reputation of it BEING a sub-brand for 70 years.  Its been not only the halo car for Chevrolet, BUT for General Motors. GM had Oldsmobile technology (automotic transmissions) and Cadillac luxury and technology to be GM's halo cars, but Corvette too with the go fast goodies.  Since the 1980s with the C4, the  Corvette fast became practically the SOLE GM halo car.    And although @smk4565 doesnt think the Corvette is benchmarked by other car companies such as Ferrari and Porsche and Mercedes, he would be sadly mistaken.   Corvette as a brand, is recognized the world over.  Its a brand that has NEVER diluted itself. If the new models are engineered as Corvettes, then there is no problems. Ferrari resisted the temptation to do an SUV.  They got one now.   Lamborghini has made one in the 1980s/1990s.  It only failed in the market place because it was too radical of an idea back then. The Urus seems to do well in the market place. And it IS a fine Lamborghini at that.  Not MY vision of what a Lamborghini should be, but I dont like SUVs to begin with...   But then again, I prefer the LM002 as MY vision of SUVs mean off road.  The LM002 does have that sweet sweet V12 under the hood... But then again, Lamborghini also expanded on their image, with an off road Huracan   How crazy is that?   Their LM002 off road SUV never to be revisited again. Made a sportscar SUV Urus and took their sportscar Huracan to do an offroader with it?  And ALL of those dont cheapen out Lamborghini at all.  How really phoqued up is that?  With that Huracan, there are now 2 entries in this niche.  The 911 Dakar and the Huracan Sterrato.  Can one picture a Corvette C8 version? I CAN!!!     
    • But...if engineering had a BIGGER role to play in making an AMG, M and S-Line rather than the marketing department, those that you mentioned would be so-called REAL AMGs, M cars and S-Line cars.  That is what I said.  And its true for Mercedes and their AMG line, BMW with their M cars and Audi with their S-Line. Ford with Mustang and the Mach-E etc. The reason why Jeep was succesful in becoming a a brand, why the Mach-E is succesful in BEING a Mustang is that engineering took what made the General Purpose military vehicle and Ford the Mustang and engineered the elements into the new models.  Marketing took the emotions that evoke those vehicles and told the engineers to built that into the new models and then proceeded to sell the new vehicles this way. A Jeep commercial from 1994. It features the Grand Cherokee   But the Grand Cherokee, not only did it replace the very very of road capable Cherokee of the previous gen And the Cherokee was just another new model in the 1980s to wear the Jeep badge following in the footsteps of the Civilian CJ Jeep, but the GRAND Cherokee was now part of the start of the SUV craze that folks used to haul their families in replacing the minivan. Like I said, the engineers over at Corvette have to engineer Corvette-ness into the new models, marketers have to identify what emotions a Corvette makes us humans feel, and then engineer additonal emotional Corvette-ness into the new models and then let marketing sell it to people. Mercedes, Audi and BMW just wanted to cash in easy money with the fake models with the badges. GM did that too in the past. Chevrolet glued SS badges unto everything.   Oldsmobile called everything a Cutlass in the 1980s. In 1988 there was the RWD Cutlass Supreme which was the original Cutlass that had lineage to the first Cutlass in the 1960s.   The 2 door G Body.  The FWD Cutlass Cierra. The  FWD Cutlass Calais.    And the more confusing part, AT THE SAMT TIME TIME AS THE 2 Door G-Body,  was the first year of the W-Body, FWD Cutlass Supreme (again-same name as the 2 door RWD G-Body)... So...while SMK has the right idea of being skeptical about a Corvette being its own brand because there have been many many examples of that kind of thing failing, there has been just as many examples of that kind of thing being succesful. And lets be honest too while we are at it. Mercedes, BMW and Audi plastering AMG, M and S-Lines badges on everything, even if some of those models do NOT represent the proper essence of those particular performance badges, in the market place, these fake models ARE succesful.   The thing that bugs me about SMK is that he will NEVER acknowledge that some of those AMG badges do NOT represent what a so called real AMG is supposed to be while he disses a Mustang Mach-E. And the very core of that Mustang Mach-E is a vehicle that is a very very true Mustang underneath and NOT just some cheap marketing  gimmick slapping a prancing Mustang on the front grill and calling it the day.    
    • It may technically be a double standard but I've never heard anybody ask for an Escalade car, that's what the CT-line of Cadillacs are.  People DO ask for high performance SUVs, which GM doesn't have. Yes, they could just make a standalone Chevy (whatever name you want here) performance SUV but by adding in the Corvette brand equity and performance, it will get a lot more attention, just like the Mustang Mach-e did. Even if people complain about the name, it will get waaaay more press than a Chevy/GMC/Cadillac version of the same exact thing, just by being a Corvette branded SUV. 
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