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    William Maley

    Rumorpile: Mercedes-Benz May Skip 2019 Detroit Auto Show

      Good-bye Mr. Benz?

    The past few years have seen various automakers pull out of the Detroit Auto Show due to them figuring out better ways to spend their marketing dollars. This year alone saw Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, and Porsche be no-shows. Mitsubishi and Volvo were there in a small capacity, but due to the local dealers putting up a display. There could be another automaker joining the no-shows next year.

    Automotive News has learned from a senior executive source at Mercedes-Benz that the German automaker may withdraw for the 2019 edition.

    "We have to look at whether a trade show like Detroit fits with the cadence of our launch calendar and whether there's a more effective format for our needs. The G class was the perfect product to debut this year, but the likelihood we will be in Detroit next January is very slim. That doesn't mean however we are ruling out a return in 2020," the source said.

    A source at Mercedes' parent company Diamler casts further doubt of Mercedes-Benz making a return to Detroit.

    "With the number of models we have there's always a new car waiting to be launched. That's not the reason. Trade shows were designed so potential customers could easily compare prices across brands in one day, but this is no longer contemporary," said the source.

     "Once you make the decision you're out, why go back?"

    Like many automakers, Mercedes-Benz has been looking at different ways to debut models and reach consumers. Such methods have included off-site showings and holding their own events.

    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)
    Pic Credit: William Maley for Cheers & Gears

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    This totally makes sense and while older folks that are used to going to the local autoshow to compare and check out models might miss the shows and all the vendors, technology has changed the way people shop.

    Perfect example is that in helping my sister buy her new Buick Enclave that she loves, I chatted with her on her must have versus wish list. Then assembled a list of auto's that met her requirements and the options above. 

    She reviewed the links with reading the details and pictures and reviews I pointed at her. Once she did that, she picked the top 3 and then went to her local dealerships to test drive and check them out.

    Once the test drive was done, as is our families attitude, she went home and slept on it and thought about it for the following week. Then the next weekend went with her first choice and pulled the trigger getting all the end of year discounts plus additional discounts for being a Costco member, etc.

    $50K CUV for $38K is a great deal, Fully loaded and loves it in her second choice color.

    I have to wonder how long auto shows will last as more and more people ignore the show and research online and then go to those dealerships to test drive and possibly buy. :scratchchin:

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    Some of these auto shows are quite expensive, and a lot of car companies go to CES in Vegas which is at the same time as Detroit.  Then you have Frankfurt, Geneva and Paris auto shows, Shanghai auto show, Chicago, LA, New York, etc.  Every month there is a big auto show so unless you have a dozen new models to show, you don't really need to go to all these.  Especially when most marketing is done online.

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    Well, the one reason-it's getting much harder to keep anything under wraps anymore.

    Another reason as mentioned is cost- car sales will be on the slide for years-makes spending the money harder to justify.....

    And as we go more EV and automated-there just is not going to be as many surprises. Changing up the car will not be as  often either-just simply do to the fact that most of the money will go into the EV systems themselves...

    I see much more money being thrown into public transportation in a few years- that is where the money will be.

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    And this is confirmed now, they are skipping it.  But who needs it, they just introduced a mid cycle refresh of the C-class and Maybach and an AMG G63 at the Geneva show.  Lots of places to show off product, and the USA is the #3 sales market for Mercedes behind Europe and China.

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