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Rumorpile: LA Auto Show Possibly Moving To May: Comments

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The COVID-19 pandemic has possibly caused another auto show to rethink their plans. According to Automotive News, organizers of the show are planning to delay the show from November to next May. Three sources tell the outlet the new dates are May 21st to 31st. Two of sources go on to say that an announcement could come this week.

Automotive News tried to get comment from Terri Toennies, president of the show, but did not reply.

By possibly moving the LA Auto Show to May, automakers and organizers of the New York and Detroit shows find themselves in a difficult spot. The LA show sandwiches between New York (April) and the revised Detroit show (June), which may cause automakers to make difficult decisions as to which shows get the most significant unveilings or whether to attend at all.

Auto shows in general have been struggling before the onset of the pandemic. With automakers deciding to hold their own events to have more time in the spotlight and save cash, the spectacle of the show has gone down.

We'll keep you posted.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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I am willing to bet we see many of the auto shows die this year to never come back next year. The change by EV auto companies to online reveals and sales is going to change the way consumers think about shopping.

Amazon has already changed shopping for many resulting in the death of shopping malls as well as brick and mortar stores that did not change to online presence. 

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2 hours ago, David said:

I am willing to bet we see many of the auto shows die this year to never come back next year. The change by EV auto companies to online reveals and sales is going to change the way consumers think about shopping.

Amazon has already changed shopping for many resulting in the death of shopping malls as well as brick and mortar stores that did not change to online presence. 

You would be very right. At this point, both Ford and GM are not planning to put any products in any shows any time soon.

I know Ford is looking to have little “interactive” displays for curious folk for some future Ford EVs (Mustang E, F 150 EV) for folks to look, touch and feel around the metro Detroit area. This allows people who are actually invested in it a chance to see them before they head out to the public. Much cheaper to use either their local campus or a cheap outdoor venue to show these off..

The days of the auto show is dead...as are most major shows. About the only major one that might survive when be the electronics show........

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The auto show is dying because it is simply outmoded.  Malls (and several specialty and department stores) have the same issues and will either be dead (Sears & K-Mart) or wither and die (a lot of others).

As for the electronics shows, I hold no hope that those will survive for very long either.

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@daves87rs @riviera74 Have to agree that all tradeshows are in danger as online Tech Tradeshows have proven to be very successful and I question if they will survive till 2022. Most tech shows like Dell Technology World was delayed for a Digital online one free to everyone this coming October.


Anyone can sign up, I have been building online labs to demo the technology and we will do this again next year. Not until a vaccine and world is more than 50% VACINATED will Dell return employees to the offices. I suspect we will see a down sizing where possible in commercial office space for those companies that have figured out how to work from home with solid productivity.

The future, I believe will be online tradeshows and in the case of the auto industry digital reveals with select areas having hands on touch and feel as well as what Daves87rs stated about digital kiosks. 

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For one, these car companies can just do online video releases of these cars whenever they want, and it is cheaper than an auto show.  Then they can have some locations they let journalists come to, to write reviews, get photos, etc.  The car company can get the same buzz without the auto show concept.

Other problem with auto shows, is 1,000s of people in an indoor convention center all touching door handles, sitting in cars, sneezing and coughing on steering wheels, etc.  As long as coronavirus is around, which could be years really, then there is no auto show.

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On 9/8/2020 at 7:43 PM, ocnblu said:

I would MUCH rather a realtime introduction to a new vehicle than photos or video.  So much can be lost in translation.

I agree... further, not just lost, but obscured.  Without being there, the manufacturers can show you only what they want to show you and even then only in a flattering light. Seeing the cars in person makes a huge difference and you also notice the things that the manufacturers might not want you to see.

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1 hour ago, ocnblu said:

Notice how David laughed when I said it, but when Drew quoted me and agreed with my statement, suddenly it garnered a cute little blue heart.

Yet Drew gives a reviewers input, yet to see that from you. :P 

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