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    Porsche Mission E Gets Renamed, Now Known As Taycan

      What was wrong with Mission E?

    Porsche has been calling their upcoming electric sedan the Mission E since the launch of the concept. But when the production model arrives next year, it will be wearing a new name.

    Yesterday, Porsche announced the model would be called Taycan (pronounced Tie-con). Loosely translated, the name means "lively young horse." A somewhat fitting name when you take a look at the Porsche emblem and there is a leaping horse.

    “Our new electric sports car is strong and dependable; it’s a vehicle that can consistently cover long distances and that epitomizes freedom," said said Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume.

    Porsche is still keeping tight lipped on specifics for the Taycan. The automaker has said previously that the model would use two electric motors to produce a total output of 600 horsepower. Back in December, we reported that there could be three power outputs ranging from 402 to 670 horsepower.

    Source: Porsche

    "Mission E" to become the Porsche Taycan

    • Porsche announces the name of its first electric sports car

    Atlanta, Georgia. The future of mobility is another step closer: Series production of the first purely electric Porsche is set to begin next year. In preparation, the vehicle previously operating under the working title "Mission E” has now been given its official name: Taycan. The name can be roughly translated as “lively young horse,” referencing the imagery at the heart of the Porsche crest, which has featured a leaping steed since 1952. “Our new electric sports car is strong and dependable; it’s a vehicle that can consistently cover long distances and that epitomizes freedom,” Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, explains. The Eurasian name also signifies the launch of the first electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche. Porsche announced the name for its first purely electric model as part of the “70 years of Porsche Sports Cars” ceremony.

    Two permanently activated synchronous motors (PSM) generating a system output of over 600 horsepower accelerate the electric sports car to 60 miles per hour in well under 3.5 seconds and to 124 miles per hour (200 km/h) on the track in less than twelve seconds. The Porsche Taycan will also offer a consistent level of power that is unprecedented among electric vehicles: multiple launches in a row will be possible without a loss in performance, and the vehicle’s maximum range will be over 300 miles as measured in accordance with the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). 

    Names with meaning 
    At Porsche, the vehicle names generally have a concrete connection with the corresponding model and its characteristics. The name “Boxster” describes the combination of the boxer engine and the roadster design; Cayenne denotes fieriness; the Cayman is sharp and agile; and the Panamera, inspired by the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race, offers more than any standard sedan. The name Macan is derived from the Indonesian word for tiger, with connotations of suppleness, power, fascination, and dynamics.

    Future investment doubled
    Porsche plans to invest more than six billion Euros in electromobility by 2022, doubling the investment that the company had originally planned. Of the additional three billion Euros, some 500 million Euros will be used for the development of Taycan variants and derivatives, around one billion Euros for electrification and hybridization of the existing product range, several hundred million for the expansion of production sites, and around 700 million Euros for new technologies, charging infrastructure, and smart mobility.

    Extensive construction and expansion at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen headquarters
    At the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, a new paint shop, dedicated assembly area for the Taycan, and a conveyor bridge for transporting the painted bodies and drive units to the final assembly area all are currently being built. The existing engine plant is being expanded to manufacture electric motors, and a new body shop will also be developed. Investments are also planned for the Weissach Development Center. Production of the Taycan is creating around 1,200 new jobs in Zuffenhausen alone.

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    So Tie-con in a 402, 550 and 670 HP AWD ev versions. That is cool! This auto is way nicer looking than the Panamera they have.

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    This is great to see it racing around the track but it is funny that they try to hide what this EV is by putting fake exhaust tips on the back. :rofl:

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    4 hours ago, dfelt said:

    This is great to see it racing around the track but it is funny that they try to hide what this EV is by putting fake exhaust tips on the back. :rofl:

    Well dfelt, it's the only way anyone will give it a second glance.

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