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    • Comparing the Hummer to an Alfa product likely isn't a good thing... I guess we should expect them to be piles for a few years.  Also, not having a fairly easy way to get the vehicle into a tow mode for trailering..? What's that about. I wonder how many other vehicles have the same issue, I've just never come across it (because the vehicles don't brick themselves). 
    • Difference in definitions. Electric motors, batteries, and air suspension aren't new.  But these are totally new designs for all of them... it's a full platform. It's exactly like when the Alfa-Romeo Guilia came out. Everything on that car except the transmission was a new design.  New engine, new electronics, new body, new everything... except the ZF-HP8 transmission.  And that's why it was a problem for FCA. But that same platform has been perfected since 2015 and now rides under the Grand Cherokee and it's largely fine. All manufacturers play fast and loose with the term "all-new".  Is the Integra really all new?  The platform is just a Civic, it just uses the CR-V/Civic engine and transmission, it uses a lot of off the shelf Acura components.  What about the Bronco?  The body was new, sure, but everything under the sheetmetal was lifted from the Ranger and F-150 and they still had issues. The Hummer really is "All new" ... like for real.
    • And don't forget, it's not like ICE cars don't have problems off the factory floor and sometimes major problems and they have been on our roads for well over a century. This, like the YouTube video depicting it, is making a mountain of a molehill, if you ask me.
    • BlEeDiNg EdGe, with a description like that I'd assume you work for GM.  The technology really isn't THAT new. It's still just an electric vehicle with air suspension and a locking differential. Rear wheel steer isn't new either, even for GM.  I can't imagine any regular person buying one of these(or any vehicle) is expecting things to not work, just because it's new. 
    • It's a bleeding edge product. Totally new platform with totally new tech.  I'm okay with there being a bit of leeway regardless of if it is GM, Mercedes, Nissan, whoever.  Anyone who bought one of these knew that they were signing up for a new release product. The people who made the video are in the business of making these videos... and frankly, I will be doing the same thing once my EValanche shows up.  And if it breaks down, I'll make a video of it.   But I know going into that purchase that the EValanche is new tech and problems could happen. That's why I'm keeping the gasser also.
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