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Harley's Triviama VIII


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It's obviously not a Pontiac, look how narrow the track is under those fenders. No "WideTrack" here! Although it has a similar nose to the iconic Stude, the rest of the car looks totally GM to me. Check out the cyclops headlight! :o
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Holy effing crap; I was going to say it looks like a very rough test mule for the '52 LeSabre. BTW: '3 car lengths' (in this era especially) would be about 54' long; no way is this that lengthy. I still do not know this on. Far too homemade to be a Packard, tho it sure looks like it's wearing Packard caps in that one shot.
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Looks very space-efficient!


LMAO Posted Image

My gut says Studebaker for obviopus reasons.
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As, screw it, I'll ruin the surprise. Its the LeSabreski

Its the ZIS (Later ZIL)-112. Built in 1951 and obviously inspired by the GM concept of the same vintage, it was about 20 feet long and sat three. It ran in state auto racing events after a rebody that cut some length, some of the original 5400lbs, the hardtop, and a modified engine putting out 192hp. At that point, it reached speeds of about 130mph, very impressive for such a freakin' tank of a car.

The ZIS-112 is very significant for being one of the very, very few Soviet dream cars ever produced. Unlike American concepts, cars like the ZIS were used solely to show what the great Socialist machine could produce rather than offer hints at future production cars, cars that often trailed American styling trends by about 20-35 years.

Here's another rare bear...
Posted Image
That's a 1954 GAZ prototype for a turbojet car intended to break the land speed record of the time of about 430mph (held by the US, of course). It 'only' reached about 186mph in early testing before logistical issues and a minor accident shuttered the attempt.

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Wow... useless and ugly, should have known it was from 1950s USSR!
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The Russians knew how to beat a pretty good looking car with an "ugly stick" and turn it into a ZIL or in this case ZIS.

A lot of their cars were "bad copies" of Packards. Maybe that's what killed Packard. http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/AH-HA_wink.gif
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