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Might As Well Take Advantage of this Weather


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Well it''s an abnormally warm--hell it's a record-breaking warm Saturday. The sun is out and it's nice as hell. It's strange and not right but I think it's a great opportunity to give the cars a wash and vacuum them out. Maybe I'll take some picks when I'm done 8)

Anyone else got the same thing in mind?

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Yeah, gotta love Michigan. We have a 20% chance of rain today, so I figured I'd go out and wash the Cobalt. Right as I start, it starts sprinkling, so I did the wheels and it stopped. Cool. So I've got everything done except the tail end and it starts downpouring.

Oh well, at least it's clean now, even if it has water marks all over it. It was so dirty...

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Eh, whatever. Rain doesn't hurt me. After it stopped raining, I took my microfiber and dried the car off (I put it in the garage while it rained and obviously didn't dry it after washing). Took some tire shine and sprayed 'er on. Take that, Michigan.

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As long as I can get water to flow through a garden hose, it's warm enough for me to wash the car. So, yeah, I went out there and washed it today of course. Since I did the wax/vacuum/armor-all/windows last week, I just did a regular wash, plus I had to take down all the X-mas stuff and get the water out of the pool cover. Tomorrow, the dog gets a bath.

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Guest YellowJacket894

Ah, I'm still waiting on a car I want to wash. :P

And God do I dread thinking about the loan. I just hope I can swing the payments on 36 to 48 months.

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