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Are the W bodies gone yet?

Camino LS6

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Read "All Corvettes are Red". During the 90s GM kept pumping money into the W-body program despite every one of the cars failing in the marketplace. The Corvette team hated them with a passion. Me: I've driven three of them - a 90 Lumina, a 00 Intrigue, and a 06 LaCrosse. The Olds and Chevy were owned by my dad, and are two of the most reliable cars he has ever owned. They are vault-like and unflappable on the road, and take whatever you throw at them. I don't have a hatred for the W-bods, and am actually fond of quite a few of them. However, since their demise means that Oshawa can retool for Zeta, I'll gladly attend any W-Body Retirement Party.

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I've driven a number of W rentals from Enterprise and Avis over the last decade, from Luminas and Regals to an '06 Impala, Monte Carlo, and Grand Prix...they were ok... comparable to the Tauruses I've driven from Hertz.

My favorite FWD sedan rentals over the last decade were probably the '99 and up Intrepids, 300Ms, Concordes, and LHSes...

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Guest YellowJacket894

The W-Body should have died in 1999. The only thing that I can name off of the top of my head that is older would be a Panther car from the folks at Ford.

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I don't hate the W-Body. My dad has had two in the past decade: a 2000 Impala and a 2002 Grand Prix. He still has the GP. I've driven both. They are good cars.

Will I miss the W bodies? Only if nothing better comes out from GM to replace them. So no, probably not.

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What's the next oldest car platform after these?

G-body. Introduced in 1993/94 for the 94/95 model year.

It'll be a true shame when the G-bodies go away. These are the the pinnacle of fullsize front-wheel drive from chassis rigidity to the sheer goodness of the individual cars that rode them.

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