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2008 Toyota Highlander Pricing Announced

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2008 Toyota Highlander Preview
Larger, more refined - and still with a hybrid
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by Marty Padgett | Link to Original Article @ TCC

Toyota calls its new 2008 Highlander "intelligent and advanced," a step away from traditional SUV styling. The new vehicle was introduced at the 2007 Chicago auto show on February 8, and Toyota release pricing on the Highlander on June 20.

The pricing for the new crossover will put the base front-drive vehicle at $27,300. The base 4x4 will be $28,750. Sport models will cost $29,950 and $31,400 for front- and all-wheel drive, respectively. And the Highlander Limited will go for $32,700 and $34,150 for front- and all-wheel drive, respectively. Prices do not include a $685 destination charge.

As for features and specs, Toyota says the new version is four inches longer and three inches wider than the first generation that went on sale in 2001. The new model also has an inch more ground clearance and three inches more in its wheelbase.

The new Highlander rides on a version of the platform underpinning the Camry and Avalon.

The Highlander has standard anti-lock brakes, with stability and traction control. Seven airbags are outfitted to the crossover vehicle, too. Active head restraints and a pedestrian-safe hood design have been designed into the new vehicle.

Toyota promises the Highlander will have a more flexible interior, with a stowable second-row seat that allows easier access to the rear cargo area and third-row seat. The flexible interior arrangement has two second-row chairs that can be converted into a three-seat bench - the middle seat stows into the floor when not in use. The second-row seats also slide fore and aft 4.7 inches for more third-row seating room. The third-row seats fold flat for cargo, and the hatch glass is flip-up on most models.

A new 3.5-liter V-6 puts out 270 horsepower in the Highlander, up 55 from the previous 3.3-liter engine in the last edition.

Hybrid models will be offered in base and Limited versions, all with all-wheel drive, electronic steering, and stability control. Though the Highlander has gained 500 pounds in its latest growth spurt, the increased engine power - the Hybrid is now a 3.3-liter V-6 with battery and motors - horsepower is identical to the gas-only version at 270 hp. Toyota says the Hybrid's fuel economy stays the same at 31/27 mpg, though the figures were calculated by 2007 model-year methods, not by the updated EPA methods.

Other features on the new Highlander include a backup camera that doesn't require the buyer to order a navigation system; a Smart Start keyless ignition system on Limited and Hybrid models. Nineteen-inch wheels will be standard on some models. Options will include a six-disc, nine-speaker JBL audio system; leather seats; and the ability to delete the third-row seat.

Real-world economy

Perception and reality have proven to be sitting on either side of a large gap when it comes to the mileage of hybrid-electric vehicles. Various industry sources show that the promised fuel economy on vehicles like the newly-updated Toyota Highlander Hybrid can run as much as 30 percent less in real-world driving.

Toyota's goal, however, was to not only match the EPA-generated mileage numbers for Highlander, but get real-world performance closer to what's on the window sticker, said the automaker's Paul Williamson. That was no easy task, he stressed, considering the new crossover/SUV is larger and heavier than the vehicle it replaced.

To improve fuel economy, the '08 Highlander makes greater use of lightweight body and chassis materials, as well as a wind-cheating belly pan. Additionally, three steps were taken to make the hybrid drive system more fuel-stingy:

A new LED readout in the instrument cluster shows a motorist the best RPM range to drive within to yield the desired level of acceleration;

A new ECON button on the center console effectively smoothes out the way the engine management system responds to the throttle pedal. The effect is similar to what happens when an automatic transmission is in overdrive, explained Williamson, noting "you won't get as much engine response."

The third new feature is an EV mode button that will force the management system to drive on electric power only whenever possible, at speeds up to 25 mph and for up to one mile with a fully-charged battery.

Even with these new features, the 31/27 mpg rating for Highlander is expected to be trimmed back when the EPA officially switches to a new and more accurate testing process in 2008.
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This thing is kinda ugly especially from the a$$ end. What has Toyota done hired blind people to design cars? I am glad it got a price hike should help sales alot... :AH-HA_wink: I would get a Torrent or Enclave over this baby anyday.

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4WD Limited V6 - 3675lbs.

That isn't too bad for a midsize SUV. Doesn't the GM trio weigh like over 4000 lbs? I saw an Acadia yesterday at the parking lot. Looks beautiful but the thing is huge. Almost as big as a Tahoe. Wonder if GM is considering an optional V8 ?

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Does this compete with the Lambdas? They are large crossovers. This seems to be midsized and would compete more with the...'Nox, I guess. Compete really isn't the right word to use in that comparison, though.

Edge, Murano, Tribeca, CX-7/9, XL-7. I don't know the prices of those vehicles but the new Highlander does seem a bit on the expensive side.

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Yeah, I would say that the Highlander is more like the Edge, Mazda crossovers, and the Pilot. The Lambdas really are just big SUVs but unibody. There isn't much too similar to them that's unibody. None of the others listed have real 3rd rows (and I doubt the Highlander has much of one either, and certainly not as good as the Lambdas).

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This is from the official Toyota press release and the price increase isn't as large is the thread's subtitle makes it out to be:

The 2008 Highlander Base grade will carry a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $27,300 for the 4x2 model, an increase of $510, or 1.9 percent over the previous generation Highlander. The Base grade 4x4 will carry a base MSRP of $28,750, an increase of $560 or 2.0 percent.

The base MSRP for the Sport grade will carry a base of $29,950 for the 4x2, an increase of $985, or 3.4 percent. The Sport grade 4x4 will carry a base MSRP of $31,400, an increase of $965, or 3.2 percent.

The MSRP for the top-of-the-line Highlander Limited will be $32,700 for the 4x2, an increase of $1,890 or 6.1 percent. The Limited 4x4 will carry a base MSRP of $34,150, an increase of $1,940 or 6.0 percent. Highlander gas models will go on sale in July with hybrid models reaching Toyota dealers in late September.


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