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Montana SV6 SWB


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I don't really understand the point of the SWB vans, they looked rather dorky and have a lot less cargo carrying capabilities. Do they really sell well in Canada? If the Lambdas are as good as we've heard, I don't think there's any need for the CSVs. Of course Lutz says that we should judge him after the next minivans.
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does GM own a rent a car company


GM used to be a part owner of Avis. I'm not aware of of GM still having ownership in any car rental companies. Avis still offers primarily GM vehicles, and GM has a pretty strong presence in Enterprise fleets as well.
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SWB vans are a nice niche product. they are much nicer drives than the LWB models, more nimble. More garageable. Cheaper. Some families really only want a big hatchback with a very occasional thrid row seat and i think that's what a SWB van provides. IMHO, even if they were only 10-15% of minivan production its worth keeping. A SWB van would be a good step up product from my Aztek or a Rendezvous. GM will flood the market soon with crossovers so maybe the shelf life for SWB vans here is not great. If you notice, Dodge shares many exterior body panels between the SWB and LWB models. Even the side doors. New Dodge SWB vans go as cheap as 16 grand new which allows many families and folks who want space, into the market cheap. That's cheaper than a like equipped Vibe for example. Fleets, universities, care facilities, etc. seem to like the SWB vans too. Edited by regfootball
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I found this, apprently its only availble in Canada


Are u sayin the updated montana is only avalible there or the sv6?? :blink:

What ever the case i saw one just like that near my house about a week ago. I saw it from the back and thought it was an uplander... then i saw the montana nameplate and started to wonder about when they had started production again? i was passive about it though and didnt notice the state on the plate. Oh well... just wanted to put that out there. Edited by fuel_sipping
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