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Help Needed Please!!!

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I am right now in Mount Clemens, MI helping my fiance get situated in her new condo. Today while driving around we noticed a maroon colored 65 Mustang with double barrel 289 V-8 and looked in a decently good condition. The vehicle did not have any noticable physical damage and the interior with beige leather which the owner said is reworked looked pretty decent. The owner is asking about $6500.

My fiance always liked owning old cars and she feels like wanting it.

Since I am poor in judging old cars other than Corvettes, it will be greatful for all of you guys put your two cents or dollar or $6500 in it.

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Pretty sure Mustangs of this gen did not offer leather, so that's most likely vinyl (not sure what was meant by "reworked"). Automatic? Pony interior? Rallye Pak? B-b-b-b-bondo?

$6500 sounds a tad high... but I too have not been following Mustang values recently. In general, everything vintage is up vs. even 3 years ago, and I am cheap by nature- I haven't heard a "great!" price in years, but that's likely just me. There are plenty of available price guides, tho I don't know offhand of any online. Haven't been seeing anywhere as many stangs as I used to see --say-- 5-7 years ago; must be hiding.

If she wants & likes/loves the car and she wants to keep it indefinately, the price sounds fine & dandy to me. It's really only if you are looking to flip it that price becomes an issue. Parts of any and all nature are plentiful via the aftermarket & the hobbyist circle.

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take a refrigerator magnet with you - one of the thin ones that are flexible - and see if it sticks in the rear quarters, bottom of front fenders and anywhere else rust is normally found in a 42 year old car. Next, ask for a drive and take it to a Jiffy Lube and ask the manager to let you go into the pit to look underneath. Check the shock towers from underneath, as well as the cowl area for rust. The early Mustangs were highly proned to rust in those areas. It is NOT cheap to repair these areas...and if the floor reads: STOP, 7 MILE ROAD, DO NOT ENTER <BRIDGE OUT> from underneath, then you will need to run! I just spent $3600 on repairing the floors and tranny tunnel on my wagon...that would make the $6500 price of admission quite unreasonable.

Good luck! I am not a Ford fan, but they are reasonably decent drives and the parts are plentiful and cheap.

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Reworked interior?


See if there is rust repair and if it is done well or if it's a hack job.

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There is no way in hell anyone can ever give you an

honest fair price on a car, esp. classic without seeing

it in the flesh, that said photos would help. By photos

I mean ouitside, inside, uindercarrige, underhood as

well as some closeups of key things like frame,

suspension components etc.

Is it a hardtop or a fastback?

What's the milage?

How does the motor run? Brakes? Trans? P.S.?

Any leaks? How much rust? how much bondo?

These are all questions you need to get an asnswer

otehr than "$1500 - $7000 depending on condition"

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