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SFAS: 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo


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I really wish they would fix the placement of the SS and GM emblems on the side of the car. I remember when the SS first hit dealerships, the placement of the emblem on the side seemed to be very whimsical and changed on a car by car basis. Now that they finally locked it in place, along came the GM emblem to eff everything up again and make that aspect of the car look bad. It either needs to be moved or removed.

BTW, I think I'll like the car better in something other than yellow but I still wish it looked more exciting.

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Coming from a Cobalt SS owner , I think they did a great job with this car . Smart move making the big spoiler optional ....about 1/2 of more SS/SC owners remove theirs and go spoiler less or run the little one . Its also humerous how so many said this car was too boy racer looking with the big wing . Now that the new cars out with a more subtle spoiler as the only body change from the old SS/SC , and with much more agressive lookign wheels , the car is suddenly plain and boring . Ive read that in alot of press from the same people that ousted the big wang .

I wish Chevy woulda refreshed the Kia looking headlights though for a more modern projecter design . It alone would have went a long ways in freshening up the front end with the new grills .

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It looks great but c'mon, this product is LOOOONG in the tooth.

I was sure they'd use this opportunity for a mild-refresh in the

styling department. At least spruce up the headlights & both

bumper covers. When is the Cobalt due for a reskin?

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