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Trademarks reveal possible new Cadillac names

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sorry guys.... just realized this was already mentioned in another cadillac forum.


Trademarks reveal possible new Cadillac naming scheme


If you liked alphabet soup as a kid, make an appointment at your Cadillac dealer for three to five years from now. That's because GM has recently trademarked several new nameplates for Cadillac, and so far we're worried and a bit confused.

At present, these names are trademarked in Europe and Canada. However, companies often register their trademarks in foreign markets first, and later in the United States.

This potential new naming system is undoubtedly complicated, but we will try and lay it out in the simplest way possible. So far, GM has trademarked:









We suspect the numbers in each name signifies each vehicle's overall size.

The "DT7" might be the eventual DTS replacement, for example. This large, luxury sedan may end up riding on the Zeta chassis in a few years time.

The CT6 and CT5 would be some kind of variants of the car we currently know as the CTS. One possibility is the numbers indicate two possible wheelbase lengths. On the other hand, we can't rule out the "5" and "6" being the current CTS sedan and forthcoming CTS coupe.

The BT3 could represent the next-generation BLS. This vehicle would probably be on the Epsilon II chassis, however, with GM's plans on the new Alpha chassis being unclear, there is always a possibility BT3 could be an Alpha car.

The AT1 is still a bit of a mystery. That said, it's a safe bet that this would be a small car that is definitely based on the Alpha chassis GM is currently developing. Could it be a competitor to the BMW 1-Series?

The "X" cars will more than likely denote crossover or wagon vehicles. However we'd also leave open the option that the "X" indicates all-wheel-drive models.

If the crossover assumption is true, the DTX is probably the vehicle currently known as the BRX. The CTX could be the forthcoming CTS wagon, and the BTX remains a mystery.

Of course, the all-wheel-drive option is also a strong possibility. The CTX could be an AWD CT6 or CT5, while the DTX would be an AWD DT7, and so on.

Obviously there is one glaring part of Cadillac's lineup not mentioned here — the Escalades. Some might suggest that the "X" vehicles we just talked about are in fact the trucks. However, given what our sources say, we don't think that's the case.

That leaves a few options. One being that GM just hasn't gotten around to coming up with new names. Another being that the true Cadillac trucks will not be part of this new scheme and continue on with regular names. With the marketing power the Escalade name carries, we think the latter is more likely.

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What business Caddy is getting into? Making motherboards and computer chasis?

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AT1=compact 1 series rival (not in production plans)

BT3=BLS successor, lower midsize, 3-series rival

CT5=CTS successor, 5-series rival

CT6=CTS coupe, 6-series Rival

DT7=STS/DTS successor, 7-series rival

Not filed, but the logical progression would be:

ET8=E for Eldorado, larger coupe (8-series, CL-, Continental GT rival)

FT9=F for Fleetwood, Bentley Continental Flying Spur rival

The BTX, CTX, DTX are less obvious. As Edmunds says could be either awd versions or compact, medium and large crossovers (probably not the CTS wagon though). If you look up Cadillac CTX or DTX on Google, you will find references to what are actually the CTS and DTS. You are not supposed to remember the model name though, rather that it is a Cadillac.

Model names are introduced when a brand begins to lose its lustre, its aspirational value. It is no longer enough for consumers to want a Buick, instead a Century or Super must be introduced to attract interest. GM is trying to reverse this with Cadillac by ditching the names (which long ago lost their attraction for most buyers) and focusing on the overall brand. They want people to say "the new Cadillac is superb".

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I never did like alphabet soup as a kid. Maybe that's why I think this alpha-numerical naming scheme is WHACK!! BRING BACK THE FREAKIN NAMES SO I DON'T HAVE A SEIZURE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHICH "NAME" GOES W/ WHICH MODEL!

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Would you still want them to go back to full names even if they didn't use any of the classic ones like de Ville, Seville, Eldorado, etc.?

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Oh man...that would just be plain vindictive to roll out all those alphanumerics...

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