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Car shopping... For my uncle...

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Hello all this is Chris, gm4lifes (John) son Chris. I went car shopping with my dads brother because my father was busy.

Every year it happens the family gathers for Christmas and this year my uncle asked me for some help car shopping. He knows I enjoy my cars and know alot about them so we set a date. Went and got a price on a Camry first and then drove it, didn't like it, then got in an Accord didn't like it. He came to his favorite the new 2008 Malibu LTZ V6 and loved it, and got the price of 25,100.00 after all rebates and was satisfied until the he said what about an Impala. I had orginally asked my uncle to consider one but didn't. He started number crunching the rebate from Chevy, the GM card points, the GMAC smart buy program and his dealer discount. The 28,895.00 Impala LTZ was down to 20,300! My uncle took the plung and bought it on the spot but not before we picked up his wife so she could pick a color! Then a color was picked and we drove home a in precision red 2008 Impala LTZ with every option and black leather interior with silver trim. I was very happy that they went with a domestic car and a Chevrolet no less. I got a chance to drive the Impala LTZ and trust me it makes my Impala look like it is a 23 year old Ford Escort, the 3.9 had plenty of buck and it had a great Bose sound system with nice 6 disc cd changer. I was so impressed with the handling of it I commented gosh this car tracks very well. (Trust me I don't dish out compliments real easy.) My uncle said he couldn't touch a Camry with everything on it (XLE V6) for anything close to what he paid and I said no sir your. Thats American. I was very happy with what my uncle and aunt purchased and my sister who has Toyota's rolled her eyes. Go figure, as for my father he was very pleased they choice a large GM FWD car with a V6, and a large back seat.

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Whih is why it is so nice to have the Lucerne in the GM fleet. Fits between the Malibu/Impala/Aura and the CTS. Everyone that looks at the Lucerne or owns one just seems to rave about it.

It's almost enough to make me forget about small cars.


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Impys are fun... :AH-HA_wink:

Yes they are... In a couple years when I buy my dad's I'll buy a 2007 Monte to go with it... Double the fun :AH-HA_wink:

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My Suburban driving mother has had an interest in the Impala ever since the '06 redesign--ESPECIALLY the SS. Dad, who pays the gas bills and knows how she drives, always scoffs at that, muttering "if anything, V6 at most". I've always been indifferent to them, as they're nice appliances, but the ancient W-body hurts packaging and for a larger sedan, things like the rear seat are just too cramped.

Then a couple of weeks ago, after I had a last gen '07 Malibu LT 4-cylinder rental for a month while my Cadillac was being repaired post accident...we all had a revelation, becoming more enamored with the Malibu, particularly after how much I enjoyed it AND always got 37 mpg highway in it.

So now, and especially with gas still high, I being months away from moving out completely, etc., the Suburban is seemingly getting more of a push out, but not for a Lambda or other crossover as I expected...but a sedan.

We're going to go today, so she could finally drive an '08 Malibu, but didn't--so Monday. Especially for gas mileage, if she really wants one, I'm making sure it's 4-cylinder only. AND, at the same time, wondering if I should still have her at least also look at a new Impala, just for the heck of it.

Not too attracted to the not overly efficient 3.9L or, as I said, the too cramped for the outside acreage interior, but she loves a deal (GM card, etc., too), and the Impala is certainly rebated up right now.

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