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Sketch Competition #23 - 2012 Corvette-based Sportscar


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Welcome to Sketch Competition #23!


While we know that the Corvette is legendary, there is and always has been the possibility of making another vehicle off of the Corvette platform. Cadillac jumped on board to use this platform for the XLR a few years back, but not many rumors are flowing regarding the XLR's existence past the current generation. After the debut of the next-generation Corvette, who knows if it will be accompanied by a sister car?

Should you accept, your task will be to design a 2012 Corvette-based sportscar. It doesn't matter if you badge it a Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, Buick, or anything else as long as it is not a Chevrolet.

Currently, rumors are clashing on whether the Corvette will be smaller or mid-engine. You take the seat as CEO and decide if you want to keep the current size and configuration of the Corvette, if you want a mid-engine Lotus-sized sportscar, or if you want to change the car's setup any other way you like. Although this is a sketch competition, we encourage your creativity in also providing a short specs list on the car (including but not limited to FR/MR/?? setup, RWD vs AWD, engines/transmissions, target curb weight). So get creative and show us that non-Chevrolet sportscar that you've always imagined but GM has never produced!

Please include at minimum 2 (two) of the following:
*3/4 Front View
*3/4 Rear View
*Interior View

**Entries without two perspectives will still be accepted, but will incur a 2-point penalty at the end of voting**

Remember, people will be voting based on the overall presentation of your entry, so the more views the better, including ones not specifically listed above.

Aside from 800x600 size guidelines, remember this should be a non-Chevrolet vehicle.

Deadline is Thursday, March 20th @ 11:59PM your local time.

Good luck!
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two wildcats! nice haha maybe Buick should take notice?

i like what you did with yours tho... its sporty yet stately... very Buick, which i guess was the point haha

amazing how two people can turn a Corvette into the same car and yet have them be so different...

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I'd enter but all of my effort went into the Provoq Chop...I hope someone else actually chops it too.

I'm in the middle of a lengthy chop as we speak...

You've got plenty of time! Get drawing!

Agreed 110%... get to it, Dodgefan!

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Buick GSR


Production: 2012-present

Platform: Y-Body (Corvette platform)

Predecessor: Buick Reatta

Class: luxury grand tourer

Engine: LS3 V8


Please disregard the rims. I just wanted to put placeholders in there, but I didn't want their unfinishedness to distract, so I shaded them and such.

Edited by Zulehan
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so hey about that deadline... :P

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