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Sketch Competition #25 - Pontiac's F430 Competitor

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Welcome to Sketch Competition #25!


Imagine what it would be like if Pontiac were a little bit different; if it were placed much further upscale and sold in much smaller numbers. It would still be the sporty, muscular, sexy Pontiac that we know and love, but there would be more mystique to owning one. You know.. like a Ferrari. Ferrari basically targets the same crowd, just much further up the economic food chain. So what would a Pontiac be like if it were to sell for $200,000? What would it look like, what would it be called, what would power it?

Should you accept, your task will be to design Pontiac's answer to the Ferrari F430. Obviously this is just a dream and this will never happen in the near future, but there's nothing wrong with dreaming! Step into the design studio and show Mr. Lutz what could be the world-leading car in a sporty, performance luxury car. What have you got to lose? Nothing! So get to work!

Please include at minimum 2 (two) of the following:
*3/4 Front View
*3/4 Rear View
*Interior View

**Entries without two perspectives will still be accepted, but will incur a 2-point penalty at the end of voting**

Remember, people will be voting based on the overall presentation of your entry, so the more views the better, including ones not specifically listed above.

Aside from 800x600 size guidelines, remember this should be a high-performance, exotic Pontiac sports car.

Deadline is Sunday, June 29th @ 11:59PM your local time.

Good luck!
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ooo this is interesting... i might give this a shot... i only have a small window to do it but i'll try

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When i though about it... a Pontiac supercar would be a combination of Ferrari style with Lambo attitude... curves, yet in your face... so i went back to when Pontiac had that mentality... the late 90s... and took cues from some concepts... you may recognize the Rageous front clip... or the GTO inspired sides and rear... all i know is when i was finished and i looked at it... my reaction was "it looks like satan"... i also didnt have the heart to name it anything but banshee... didnt realize GPfan had already made a banshee... oh well.... not the first time theres been two of the same name car in a competition


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I might do something for this. I'm holding back for now, because I can't really imagine something appropriate. Considering how Pontiac isn't really known for handling or the kind of cool passion that Ferrari has always had. Additionally, I've already done an entry, but it just seems like a Fiero on steriods. And that's not exactly the look I'm going for.

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Here's my Pontiac GR

I just cleaned up my original sketch with pencil and re-drew the rear end.



Click on the black bar at the top to get the correct link and see the large pic

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So to me, Pontiac has stood for performance, always has, even if it's had dark days. With that in ind, there's no better flagship for performance-oriented Pontiac than the Firebird, which could ride on the premium version of Zeta. Yes, the overall shape is reminiscent of the Camaro, but that's how it's always been, and the body has been reshaped to keep that iconic look while making it completely different. Oh, and you can thank Audi for the headlight inspiration. Hope you like it!



I'll do the interior tomorrow.


Interior added.

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