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Chevrolet Orlando

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That would be sad.... if this bland-box, shaped like a piece of whale-blubber soap

replaced the HHR, which even though it has FWD proportions, is one of the best

most unique non-Corvette cars Chevrolet has built in over a decade.

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Why not indeed?

The various sources we have so far though suggest a range of modern MPVs and crossovers:

Groove+ — upsized B-segment MPV similar to the old xB; around 160" long

Chevy Gamma crossover — C-SUV, probably Patriot/Tiguan/Kuga/Escape-sized, or pretty close to the HHR; close to 175" long

Chevy Orlando MPV7 — C-MPV; around 180" long with a long wheelbase

Chevy Captiva SUV7 — D-SUV; nearly 183" long, similar to the Outlander and Santa Fe

Chevy Theta crossover— E-SUV Equinox replacement, rumored 7-seats; around 190" long

Chevy Traverse — full-size crossover; 205" long

Just as the Captiva is bigger than the CRV, so the Gamma crossover will probably be bigger than the Element, Tucson and Qashqai. LeftLane and others forget the Gamma platform can be stretched right up to the Captiva's 2.7 m wheelbase, so it's not a subcompact like the Ford EcoSport or Honda HRV. The actual wheelbase will almost certainly be just under 104", between the Escape and LR2 in length.

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