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Recommend me a system

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I'm looking at buying a new desktop very soon (planning on getting GTA IV when it comes out for PC) and have been looking at Gateway 9500's and 9100e's. The systems I have looked at are AMD quad cores with 3 gigs of memory, about 640 gigs hard drive space, but they have pretty weak video cards. They're refurbished and price about $400-600.

I haven't yet looked at Dell or HP. What's some good bang for the buck for PC performance? I'd be willing to upgrade the video card and power supply if I go the refurbished route, but is there anything new that is worth looking at. I don't want to spend more than $800-900.

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a test first.


that doesn't seem to work...

it's a ~$730 system.... 500gb Hdd, 9950 125w, 790fx w/ sb750 mobo, smilodon case, 550w seasonic PSU, 4 GB 2x2gb ram....just no dvd/video card... so you could choose that yourself....

i forgot the 9950 would not have a fan/hs... that'd be ...$30-60?

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the same basics but an intel system

E8200 2.66ghz and a MB with only 1 pciex2.0 comes out ~$650

of course my amd system is a bit overkill

the amd with a tricore is ~$670.... that'd give you plenty of room for a vid card / dvd drive.... maybe a monitor?

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I have a Gateway FX series....works quite well.....

My buddy has an Acer w/ 500GB hard drive, 4 GB of ram, AMD x3, and a decent video card (can't remember which), but it came out just a bit over 500 bucks new.....

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what are the requirements for GTA? are they known yet?

I don't think they're out yet...the PC version doesn't come out until November 18th.

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I'd take a look at this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16883107724

It's refurbished, and has an Intel Q6700, and a friggin' Terabyte of storage! You should be able to throw in an 8800GT (like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814133232 for cheap, and with little issue.

You should even be able to find decent cards like the 8800GT on Craigslist too, and at very good prices. Just be wary if the person has overclocked them, etc.

Edit: fixed link

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But dude, that thing costs like, five thousand dollars. :P

But as you know, I'm a heavy Gamer. I also use a Razer Copperhead mouse there, and a Razer Diamondback mouse here in Germany.


Edit: All my mice are blue and black, as is my Keyboard and my whole desktop theme.

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Wouldn't it be significantly cheaper to keep your current computer and get an Xbox/PS3 for gaming?

XBOX 360 Elite/PS3-$399.99

GTA IV $59.99

Dynex 32" LCD HDTV-$449.99

Total: $909.97 *that was just a quick search at Best Buy's website*

And you dont have to worry about games not running on it, you get a far larger screen than you would with any computer, and you dont get the stigma of being a computer geek.

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