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This is not the one Clark Gable ordered....

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but damn I want it... just felt like sharing that. :)

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Driven by Ab Jenkins- not "built by".

Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg were diffferent companies in the same corporation.

Duesenberg SJ Special, otherwise sometimes known as the 'Mormon Meteor', sold for $4.45M at auction recently.

I'm more accustomed to seeing this car with it's later-addition front bumper:


NIce time capsule here:


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That grille, those sweeping lines, aircraft like

streamlined split windshield, low mounted single

headlight and splashes of chrome... :wub:

And that's just the cosmetics, the supercharged

inline-8 under the butterfly hood... later replaced

by an (approx 27 liter) aircraft V12, well let's just

say this just might have been the inspiration for

about a half million pre-war Jalopies that were,

in the '40s, '50s & '60s modified with the help of

a BIG (nailhead, hemi, rocket, sbc...) V8 motor.

This is the Hot Rod Demi-God, the Holy Grail, the

ultimate variant of the ultimate car from an era

that will never be trumped in style, grace, man's

quest for perfection and the gritty, blood-sweat &

tears of men who were MEN!

No computers, no ABS, no tire warmers & DMPFI,

just a man with balls driving a rocket with four

wheels across a dry salt lake bed, 70% seat of his

pants, 30% calculated risk, 0.00% pie chart.


While the bumper is quite spectacular I prefer the

race-track-ready look of the car with just the red

frame rail caps on the front.

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all of what you said and the always popular lack of ANY safety devices...these racers had BALLS to the enth degree!

The most these guys EVER seemed to wear were leather helmets and goggles!

That is one beautiful car, and kind of like a beautiful woman, I would probably skip all the safety stuff too just for a quick romp!! You only live once (well, in my case twice) so you might as well go out with a smile on your face! :thumbsup:

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The biggest risk to me being able to ever drive this, or any other

Duesenberh, or any other famous race car that was built before

the (outbreak of) WWll would be that I might have a heart attack

from the sheer thrill of starting the motor. :D

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