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I feel a little unfaithful

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Oh, um...sorry? :D

Honestly I didn't really think much of Audis a while ago. I'd never driven one, but just sort of wrote them off since the older designs weren't all that exciting. Then I started reviewing cars and got to drive a big chunk of their lineup. That's when I realized what exceptional cars they are.

Now the design side is finally catching up with the engineering side.

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I definitely agree that Audis have come a long way. Their interiors have captured my attention ever since the debut of the original A8. I really don't know of a sub-$100k auto brand that makes a better interior than what are in current Audis.

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I like all of the VW Group's brands, and most of the models.

I myself am a big fanboi also of everything VW seems to be doing lately. For me, the three car companies that seem to get it are GM, Mazda, and VW...Ford seems to be coming along also.

Everyone else just seems kinda lost.


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>>"I remember riding in an early 70s Audi way back when and thinking "what a piece of crap!""<<

I remember riding in a late '90s Audi way back circa '03 and thinking "what a piece of crap!"

I sure hope their stuff since then is world's better, or you all are on crack.

Here's a '97:


Really; the same thing in '07:


Sorry- I'm not seeing it...

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the '07 interior is above average for a modern

"transformer-puke-plastic-fest" car interior,

but the '97 sure isa not anything special, then

again some of GM's interiors back then were

pretty horrid.... pleather dashboards and such.


If all indicators are correct and the

doom-n-gloom is even close to true the only

NEW cars I will ever be buying in the future

will be German made.

I will never purchase a new Japanese car,

Infiniti might tempt me from time to time but

if and when I want a new car I'll either buy a

decent domestic car/truck or if there's nothing

but bland, FWD, flacid prodct to be had from

Detriot I'll buy a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi

or some other REAL car made for REAL

enthusiasts. Then again most modern cars

disgust me and I might just stick to buying

used GMs from the '50s and '60s... you can

always throw in a fuel injected V8 motor and

a CD player into a '65 Impala or a '57 Buick

but it's damn near impossible to extract the

SUCK-AGE out of a modern FWD sedan. <_<

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