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Did anyone else dress their dogs up for Halloween?

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We have a Dog Bar in our neighborhood and they we're offering a $100 bar tab to the best dressed dog (owner, or course)

For those of you that are not familiar with a dog bar, it's exactly what it sounds like. A bar, usually mostly outside but sometimes with a small inside area, where you can take you dogs and watch them play while you socialize and have a drink. It's tons of fun, if you're a dog person but don't wear nice clothes on a normal night :)

We dressed our two dogs up and went with a couple of other people that dressed their dogs up. (This is a REAL dog friendly community)

Max, our jack russell, dachshund, chihuahua mix, was a rockstar:


Obviously, he wasn't very happy about being dressed up, LOL.

Cali, our "chiweenie" (chihuahua, dachshund mix) was a catholic school girl:


We were going for the whole bad boy/good girl theme.

This is Evan, one of our friends dogs as a pimp:


This is Leo, our other friends Italian Greyhound as a cop:


Leo actually had a criminal counterpart (The lady owns another Italian Greyhound) but I don't have a picture.

Here's Evan 'pimping' Cali, LOL


And a random Great Dane angel at Dog Bar:


And for those of you who just like looking at random pics, like I do; here is a slideshow from our bar on Halloween night. Most of the people who are dressed up are locals/daily folks and people that work at the bar or own businesses in the 'hood.


The slideshow is from Solstice Tavern

WARNING: Due to our head cook's hairy ass, these photos might not be workplace safe. (And no, he was NOT working that night, LOL) :smilewide:

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Those are pretty funny! I personally feel bad putting clothes on dogs, but then again my dogs freak out if there is even something on their head...I put Smokey in a life jacket once when we were at the lake as a joke and he looked like we were torturing him...

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My Yorkie would look really cute in the schoolgirl outfit. Not sure what style would fit my Aussie Nauti--her AKC name is 'Naughty and Nice', which fits her personality--she can be very sweet and cuddy, or pure evil, barky and bitey...

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A little different...about 40 lbs. and a working dog...but cool little $h!s.

Yes, they are nice....my Mom has a had a couple of Aussie Shepherds, along with 1/2 dozen German Shepherds over the last 30 years...also had a couple Australian Cattle Dogs (Blue Heelers).

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I never dressed for halloween, but I do have a couple of sweaters and shirts that I'd put on my dog when it got cold so she could stay warm during the day when the heat goes down lower. With the tumor in her arm giving her some difficulty, I think her clothes-wearing days are over :(

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They are great! A cat would never be such a "good sport." We tried to put baseball caps and stocking caps on our dog every now and then, but no costumes of other kinds.

Yeah, we have a cat too...

She was originally wild and I felt bad that she no longer got to enjoy nature. So, I had the bright idea of buying a cat harness and trying to 'walk her'

Needless to say, when I finally did get her to walk (after 3 weeks of her refusing to move when I would put it on) she freaked the hell out, ping ponged back and forth on the leash and climbed a bush all because a dog was like 30 yards away. (At that time she was VERY wild. She still doesn't trust anyone but me and my GF)

This is 'Baloney': post-333-1228981956_thumb.jpg

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