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New computer

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Ok, so lightning struck the house and blew a bunch of $h! up. Ok, now after the idiot moved out, I moved kiddos computer into the living room so we could be together more, but didn't hook up the surge strip, stupid I know. Well, it blew up. I thought the the monitor was good cause it powered up and the bulb was good and the 7.1 speakers made noise when I was unhooking them so I assumed they survived. I had no way to test the speakers because of the 7.1, they have 4 cables to plug into the sound card and the monitor is DVI, and my lappy doesn't have DVI. So anyway, I made a insurance claim for the stuff that was toast. Got the check and ordered him a Dell XP630, Intel Q9550 Quad Core, with 8 GB memeory and dualing SLI Nvidia 512mb video cards with a Terabyte (sp?) hard drive with is actually 2 500 gb RAID drives. It's a badass needless to say. Well, it arrived today only to find that monitor and 7.1 speakers are in fact toast. I'm going to call insurance tomorrow and try to get more money. I have already ordered a 24" widescreen to replace his 20" widescreen. He called his idiot father to see if he could use the speaker I gave him when he moved out since he doesn't have his computer hooked up or internet. His response, was "why should I give up my speakers because you didn't use a surge strip". Now, I went nuclear, and a nasty screaming match between me and the idiot ensued. So, am I wrong to think that his dad was a DICK?!!! Was that response really necessary? It couldn't have been, "sure you can borrow them until you get new ones"? And then continued to slam me for not using a surge strip and not claiming them all even though I thought they were good. I'm a little drunk now and still really, really pissed off. What do you think? His speaker set is $250, so I'd like to get the insurance money before I buy speakers, I already dropped $350 on a monitor tonight.

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CALL your power company!!!! Get a claim form from them. When we had a power surge here in CA, PG&E replaced the computer in our oven because of a power surge.

It's worth a shot. . .

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Ok, here's the update. Despite my being a total computer geek, when I discovered the damage the morning after the lightning, I tried to get the computer he had to work, I changed the video card and still nothing. Well, the tower got here yesterday and so this evening I decided to try his old tower on the ancient ass CRT he is using while we wait for his monitor to get here, of course it never occured to me to try that monitor the morning after the lightning. Turns out, the old monitor is for sure toast, but it was the video card on the old tower. I put his old video card in his old tower and hooked up the CRT and his old tower is totally fine. Sooooo, I spent $1650 on a tower I didn't need. LMAO!!! Um, yeah. So, somebody come kick my ass for not trying a different monitor, even my f@cking TV has a VGA port on it for the love of God, um kay!! Oh well, I have a wicked back up tower that I don't need. HEHE :duh:

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