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Business Week 50 ugliest cars

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under the stupid choices i would have to put the uh enzo for sure wtc was that guy smoking. its all business.

el camino



the lambo lm002 while ugly try scoring one cheap.

the pacer, gremlin, mustang II, and thing? c'mon dude, get some originality. buy it if you have to.

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EL CAMINO ???? Even the relatively lackluster '82 ?? Puts the whole list imediately into question.

Pinto was no dream machine, but it certainly wasn't 'ugly'.

DeLorean ???? C'mon.

Cimarron again; certainly not even close to ugly as a design (....it's place in history as a Cadillac is a whole 'nuther discussion tho).

X-90 actually isn't bad for something so stubby.

Prowler ????? {facepalm}

Escalade has zero commentary on design, just a twisted perception. Among the nicest looking SUVs. Likewise with the Avalanche.

7-series only fails in the rear- it's hardcore mediocre, but even I cannot call it 'ugly'.

SSR is a great, expressive design.

Thank God the element, cube & baja are in there... my top 3.

Axiom should be there, too, real freaks these 4.

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I won't even grace their stupid list. I am sick of them. Since when would Business Week know a good looking car from an ugly one? Tastes change and even the cars of the '50s that are considered iconic today were merely common then. How many of my friends bought Sebrings, Challengers or Barracudas as beaters, drove the crap out of them, then scrapped them? Now those cars fetch $100k on Barrett-Jackson. By today's standards, Chrysler should have sold far more of those back then.

MSN loves to dredge up their Top 10 or Bottom 10 lists all the time. They are the same sludge. Just another bored journalist with an axe to grind or a slow news day.

"Hey, Ralph, when is the last time we printed a negative news piece about Detroit? What, three days? You're fired! Jameson, get your ass over here, stat! I want a Worst Cars in History list printed in tomorrow's issue. Yeah, yeah, better throw in a couple BMWs and Japanese cars to make it look fair, but you know, make sure the Cimarron is in it okay?"


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I'm not sure if the Cimarron was ugly, more like mediocre and forgettable, like any '80s GM J-body (or X-, FWD A-, N-, etc). Prowler was pretty ugly. Pinto was homely and hunched up, likewise for the Mustang II. The H2 definitely belongs on there, but I'd add the vile H1 also.

For the Avalanche, they showed the pic of the toned down one..the original one with it's more squinty front end is fairly ugly. The Avalanche and Escalade were more examples of overwrought excess than ugly, IMHO.

'Ugly' is kind of a personal reaction to styling, though. No uniform measurement or 'index of ugly'.. :)

Styling is very subjective, everyone has an opinion on what's ugly. My list would be different, as would everyone else's.

These kind of dumb lists are an end of the year slow news week thing we get every year, over and over. And they get discussed ad nauseam over and over all over the Internet, every year.

Edited by Cubical-aka-Moltar

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Umm, no

Just no.


i understand the pie reference, but when was the last time something liek that was made?....80 years?

my cousin drove one for a dealer once. asked a camaro to race, sorta. driver said no, that thing looks fast just sitting there.

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