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Busy Days are Busy

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So I started the day off by tweaking the default C&G banner to better integrate with the spiffy new layout.

Next up I brought the Intrepid around front to detail it in prep for what I was hoping to be a photo shoot for the calendar. Spent an hour or so detailing it and the wheels. Then I dragged out my "new" shop vac and gave it the most thorough vacuum its probably had since I bought it. So much better to do when you're not putting coins in the slot!

No sooner had I just finished all of this and got the tools put away did my dad show up. We're finally getting rid of the `86 Caravan LE and the Town and Country. So I had to help load up various bits of junk that were going with them (old doors and such) A shame really, the T&C has a great powertrain, and everything works on it. However I never could find a buyer. This one year only van will end up in the crusher before to long. :( The Caravan, which hasn't moved in 4 or 5 years is going too. Also a shame since its the first car I ever drove. It was late at night at the Merrimack Plaza. I remember thinking how much power it had the first time I gave it gas. :P It'll hold a special place in my heart.

However at least I can save the Grand Marquis, which will become my winter car and down the road my DD when I can afford to have 2 cars on the road. Battery was completely dead so it took 15 minutes to jump it. However once it got going everything was good. Pulled it around front and changed the tire. Took it for a drive around the neighborhood. That waterpump bearing is starting to get worse, but that'll be changed soon enough. Gonna grab a battery within the next couple of days.

My immediate plans for it besides the waterpump is too give it a thorough cleaning. I think its been washed twice (both times half assed) in the year and a half my mom owned it. Oh and to fix the power to the driver's seat.

Anyway, after that I did food shopping. And now I'm beat.

What did you do today?

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I worked a 10 hour day testing circuit boards.

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Worked a 12 hour day that I got paid for 7 1/2 of, because we're not authorized to bill overtime right now, but I really really need to get this project to work over the next week or all last year's efforts will be for nothing.

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Had the day off because of the holiday. Didn't do much. Slept in until 6 am instead of getting up at 5:30. Brewed some Peet's Coffee and had a bagel. Usual dull home stuff--laundry, trip to the grocery. Went to Borders to browse books and picked up a couple British car mags. Had lunch at the Paradise Bakery next door to Borders..tasty soup and 1/2 sandwich deal. Surfed the web, reading a lot of F1 speculation and browsing various car sites. Took an afternoon nap. Fed the dogs. Ran the old Mercedes through the car wash. Was overcast but still got into the '80s.

Not an exciting or busy day, but a nice break from the usual 1/2hr commute to work, 8 hrs in cube w/ hr for lunch, 1/2hr commute home routine.

Back to the cube today.

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Took Monday off instead of Wednesday the 11th, so I worked. I really didn't have much fun dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency website for arranging to file employee record of employment forms, so I spent a good portion of the day doing another person's payroll tasks and organizing work records and material sales orders for invoicing.

On my spare time in the early afternoon I took one last look at the iPhone offerings, now that all major carriers in Canada now provide the iPhone. It's amazing how things end up on this train of thought:

1) Hmm, I could upgrade to an iPhone for more convenience and efficiency

2) Come to think about it, my existing contract expired years ago and I'm paying peanuts for a 600 minute plan with two phones that only one is needed for

3) I wonder what the math comes out to if I go with a prepaid plan?

4) I think I'll switch my plan and save about $700 a year!

So, yeah, instead of paying $960 a year on a two-phone cell plan for work and home, I'll pay roughly $260 for a prepaid plan using only the minutes I require and no extra.

All in all, today was a day when I didn't do my own job and I actually chose to save myself some money. Twilight Zone material!

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