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A less stuffy dress code is among GM's changes


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A less stuffy dress code is among GM's changes

The signs of change were everywhere during a recent visit to General Motors' Detroit headquarters: blue jeans

An employee memo earlier this month from GM's Mary Barra, vice president of global human resources, announced the company's button-down dress code was loosening up.

"As we work to create the New GM with a new culture that includes personal accountability, our existing dress code seems outdated," Barra wrote. "Going forward, our dress code policy is 'Dress appropriately.' "

It's been a change that has thrown some workers off.

One worker called Barra's office "two or three times and said, 'I really need to know if I can wear jeans,' " a person familiar with the call said.

fortunately the jeans still keep the pcs fuzzy legs under wraps....it's still the workplace ya know

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It is interesting watch as the changes take place at new GM. This is shocking so many people. Were that they that repressed and uptight? I also feel they were out of touch with todays reality in a major way. I also get the feeling if you spoke up at GM in the past, they booted you out. Now they want you to dress comfortable, be productive and more. Are we experiencing a revolution at GM?

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dress codes tend to follow the POV of the owners or people in charge. and that's why its not entirely in sync with what's really happening.

my theory is that good people who have self esteem will take care of themselves better. That's who you want working for you.

i used to enjoy the jeans at work thing but honestly jeans at work in cube land looks like crap. there is nothing wrong with a decent pair of dress pants and a reasonably dressy shirt, and dressy shoes. even the cotton dockers / khakis look cheap and tattery. although if everyone consents to wearing them then its probably ok. I used to have to wear ties, which I thought was extreme. For most people and their positions, suits are extreme too, although its good to mix it up and dress up once in awhile like that to keep your coworkers guessing. I never wear polos, they look cheap too.

It doesn't hurt to shave, keep your hair groomed, etc. People give you lots more credibility and respect when you keep your appearance up and clean cut. Some think it shouldn't matter but the simple fact is it does. You don't have to wear expensive clothes, just decent ones. If you do wear jeans, at least wear good ones that are close to new and haven't lost all their color or have frayed edges....and with jeans, the black long sleeve mock tee really does work well. A quarter zip fleece over that in the winter when its chilly.

i think oldsmoboi summed it up best actually. don't make others uncomfortable.

What I hate...people who wear 'golf wear' to work. You know, the windbreaker or golf polo, the really nasty golf pants, etc.

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